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556 nonprofits found for "O".

Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
O'Neill Sea OdysseyO?Neill Sea Odyssey?s mission is to provide a hands-on educational experience to encourage the protection and preservation of our living sea and communities. Education Santa Cruz CA
Oak Grove School of the Krishnamurti Foundation of AmericaThe mission of Oak Grove School is to assist students in developing those qualities of mind, heart, and body that will enable them to function with excellence, care and responsibility in the modern world. In addition, it is the intention of the school to offer a place where the whole community can inquire together into the perennial questions of humankind and explore an approach to life that is whole, mindful and intelligent. Education Ojai CA
Oak Knoll Kinderhaus Montessori SchoolOur mission is to provide a high quality authentic Montessori education to children of all cultural and economic backgrounds. We strive to instill in children completing our program: strong self-esteem, self-motivation, academic confidence, a love of learning, and a vision of their place in the world. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Pasadena CA
Oahu SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)Every healthy, treatable animal will find a forever home. Environment and Protection of Animals Kapolei HI
O. G. Foundation, Inc.Metaphysical evolution is the path to our collective future. Human beings will be challenged to survive the next phase of world history. Quantum physics shows us the way. Technology now enables us to “see” the effects of actions taken in the physical world. It is possible to “record” energy from human expressions and analyze their effect on other objects. This information provides great insight into the understanding of human interaction. Please help our foundation light the path to a better future. Education Chesterfield IN
Oak Hill Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)The purpose of this organization is to promote a partnership between home and school and to serve as a forum for parents and teachers to work together to focus on the needs of children, families and teachers at Oak Hill Elementary. Education Severna Park MD
OAIC, Inc. Indian Summers Animal RescueIndian Summers Animal Rescue, a program of OAIC, Inc. a 501(c)3 Non Profit Org. for the preservation of Native American Indian Culture. Our Rescue Program mission is to Religious
Environment and Protection of Animals
Minerva OH
Oak Hill SchoolOak Hill School provides a rigorous college preparatory program for motivated students, challenging each student to develop his or her intellectual and creative abilities. Oak Hill's culture inspires students to contribute responsibly to the community, develop a good character, and embrace a lifelong love of learning. Education Eugene OR
Oak Hill SchoolThe Oak Hill School is a co-educational independent elementary school pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. The school provides a rich and comprehensive curriculum for qualified students within a nurturing Christian environment. Health and Sports Nashville TN
O.U.R. House of Central Vermont, Inc.OUR House of Central Vermont provides a safe and supportive environment to assist victims, survivors, and families in the discovery, intervention, healing, and prevention of sexual violence and child abuse. One Unified Response seeks to implement multidisciplinary approaches to intervention, treatment and prevention. Basic Needs and Human Services Barre VT
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