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Na Keiki o EmaliaNa Keiki o Emalia is a bereavement program on Maui to support children, teens, and their families and help them heal after the death of a loved one. Ongoing peer support groups meet twice monthly, children (3-18 yrs. old) can remain in the groups as long as they wish and maintain attendance, and all groups are free. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Pukalani HI
Nacogdoches HOPEOur mission is to reduce hunger and malnutrition in our community by providing a means of supplementing food needed during difficult times. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Nacogdoches TX
Na'atik Language and Cultural InstituteNa'atik is a non profit language school located in the Zona Maya. We offer scholarships, affordable English classes, school trips and events to students of all ages. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
N.J. Food & Clothing RescueN.J. Food & Clothing Rescue redistributes donated food,clothing,personal hygiene items and at times household items, and other necessities in a rapid manner to people in crisis whether it be due to fire, homelessness or personal economic situations. We also help veterans, seniors, single parents and those in crisis. We have a food pantry to those in need. And we also serve food to the homeless weekly on the streets. Basic Needs and Human Services Lodi NJ
N.L.B.R.A. of MichiganNLBRA of Michigan is a non-profit youth rodeo association. Our members are 18 years and younger. They learn to take on a lot of responsibility and discipline in a family oriented group. The kids learn about competition as well as encouraging their competition all by carrying on with the western traditions. Health and Sports Holland MI
N.A.B.S., INC. (Noah's Ark Bayou Sanctuary)N.A.B.S. is a NO KILL Rescue Sanctuary for dogs and a retirement home on the bayou for senior dogs. N.A.B.S. mission is to rescue dogs from local kill shelters when their time is up. Our rescues are spayed/neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, treated for intestinal worms/parasites, on monthly heartworm/flea meds and socialized with both people and other dogs. Approved applicants receive a Meet & Greet with their pet/s as well as a 1-2 week Home Visit prior to adoption to ensure the best match. Environment and Protection of Animals Danbury TX
NaatakFounded by students from UC Berkeley & Stanford University, Naatak's mission is two-fold: (a) to culturally enrich & educate the Indian American community in Silicon Valley & to serve as a bridge between the Indian community & 'mainstream America' through high quality, culturally-relevant theater works. Since 1995, Naatak's theatrical productions have striven to (a) correct the arts deficiency in the tech-heavy Indian American diaspora & (b) expose 'mainstream' audiences to the Indian cultural perspective. Education
Arts and Humanities
Cupertino CA
NAACP BROOKLYN BRANCHBrooklyn NAACP is advancing the cause of social justice and civil rights through advocacy, public policy and direct action. Civic and Public Benefit Brooklyn NY
Nachal Novea Mekor ChochmaRebuilding the city of Tsfat in Israel. Nachal Novea has successfully built Jewish educational institutions including pre-schools, religious schools for boys and girls and a special ed school. All on the highest standard. Nachal Novea provides social help for needy families including weekly food baskets, help for new brides, new mothers and Jewish life cycle events such as bar/bat mitzvahs and brisim Basic Needs and Human Services
Brooklyn NY
N8 Pediatric Brain Tumor FoundationThe N8 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is a 501(c)3 public benefit charity organization formed to help fund research, promote awareness about Pediatric Brain Cancer (and Specifically DIPGs) and to assist families with children who are currently battling this horrible disease. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Bakersfield CA
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