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Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Zane Trace PlayersIn 1987 a little church on 7th Street was purchased in hopes of sharing the love for the performing arts with friends, family and neighbors. As time has passed, they have introduced the love of theater to people from the young to the young at heart. With care, this little church has blossomed. This charming theatrical environment has grown to become a neighborhood favorite. Little by little and show by show, The Zane Trace Players has carved their place in our community as well as our hearts. Arts and Humanities Zanesville OH
Zbinden Ministries, Inc.Exalting Christ by preaching the True Gospel throughout the world. Religious West Frankfort IL
Zen Dog Rescue FundAwarding economic assistance in part or in whole to small animal rescue groups that assist animals in need. We are a non-breed specific group. Environment and Protection of Animals Waukesha WI
Zellweger Baby Support NetworkThe Zellweger Baby Support Network was started by a group of parents whose children were born with a peroxisomal disorder. Our mission is to help other families affected by Zellweger syndrome and other peroxisomal disorders, to help increase public awareness and to help raise funds for research for treatments and to maybe even find a cure. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Spearfish SD
ZACH'S ANGELS Foundation- We bring some Happiness and CHEER to children in the Hudson Valley of New York with life threatening illnesses Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Poughkeepsie NY
Zaman International - Hope for HumanityTo facilitate change and advance the lives of marginalized women and children, by enabling them to meet essential needs common to all humankind. Basic Needs and Human Services
Dearborn MI
Zakat Foundation of AmericaZF fosters charitable giving to alleviate the immediate needs of poor communities and to establish long-term development projects that ensure individual and community growth. Basic Needs and Human Services Bridgeview IL
Zak! Foundation aka Zak!Charity OpenTo provide support and hope to at-risk children in our area facing hardship due to illness, poverty and educational challenges by offering quality care, inspiration, educational assistance, encouragement and a safe environment. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Airway Heights WA
Zechariah Ministries, Inc.Zechariah Ministries seeks to bring hope and restoration: 1) To the hurting and lost through Pastoral Counseling 2) To the incarcerated and their families 3) To couples by providing support and instruction to strengthen their covenant relationship 4) To Christians by educating them about their Jewish heritage Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Acworth GA
Zambia Christian College Inc., dba Zambia Mission FundTo reveal Jesus through education, humanitarian service, and Christian leadership Religious Abilene TX
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