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T.E.C.H. For The WorldWe take technology solutions to developing nations and communities and provide education for those communities in order to create a self-sustaining platform of improvement in the regions that need it most. We enlist the help of technology professionals in first world nations and partner them with community leaders and administrators in developing nations to brainstorm and implement technology solutions that will effect sustainable change. International
Basic Needs and Human Services
Tabby's Place: a Cat Sanctuary, Inc.Tabby's Place: a Cat Sanctuary is a cage-free, no-kill haven of hope for cats from desperate circumstances. We embrace the neediest cats regardless of age, most medical issues, or temperament. Most of our cats go on to be adopted; but those who aren't find a loving home for life at Tabby's Place. Our sanctuary is a uniquely nurturing environment. We provide the love, world-class medical care and personalized attention each cat needs to thrive. Please join us in this one-of-a-kind labor of love. Environment and Protection of Animals Ringoes NJ
Tahoe Husky RescueOur main focus is to help any husky that is at risk or "red flagged" for euthanization by fostering and eventually adopting them out to a loving family and forever home. Our mission, simple, save as many lives as possible and raise awareness of the breed. Also, to bring awareness of the GREAT dogs that are available in your local shelters. We try to save the unwanted in hopes that someone out there will say, "you are wanted"! Environment and Protection of Animals Truckee CA
Tahoe Institute for Natural ScienceWe provide nature experiences and stewardship programs to locals, visitors, and student of the Lake Tahoe area. We do this by providing hands-on, place-based science education programs for students, nature camps that invite children to explore their natural surroundings, nature walks and presentation for the public, and field research that informs current land management decisions. Education
Environment and Protection of Animals
Incline Village NV
TADSAW IncTo provide for the training of a Medical Alert Service Dog, as designated by the ADA, for wounded Veteran Service Members (Active Duty. Retired or Discharged) surviving with PTSD, MST, and/or TBI, in order to restore and improve the Veteran's Quality of Life with a canine Battle Buddy, at no charge to the Veteran or their family. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Environment and Protection of Animals
San Antonio TX
T.E.A.L.To promote awareness of the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, to enable early detection, and to help find the cure for this deadly disease. We provide free services for ovarian cancer survivors in our community center while educating the public about the signs and symptoms of this deadly disease and funding medical research to one day find a screening test. There is no screening test for ovarian cancer which is usually found at a late stage. We need your help in order to continue our mission. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Brooklyn NY
T.O.P SoccerT.O.P Soccer is a nonprofit organization that uses soccer as a platform to empower future leaders. Based in the Northeast section of the Bronx, we aim to be piece of the puzzle that positively affects youth and community development. Mission - Instill the philosophy of training, optimism and persistence when approaching both soccer and life. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Bronxville NY
Tacoma Community Boat BuildersThrough the medium of wooden boat building and sailing the Tacoma Community Boat Builders provides mentor-led, hands-on learning programs for court involved and at risk youth. The programs are designed to ignite self-confidence and capabilities for facing life's challenges. We do this by teaching youth the create objects of functional beauty with their own hands and then to use them to get where they want to go. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Tacoma WA
T.E.A.R.S.T.E.A.R.S (Targeting Education Awareness & Railroad Safety) is dedicated to the protection of our children and adults residing in our homeland. T.E.A.R.S. represents all of the victims and victim's families that have fallen prey to the railroad. T.E.A.R.S schedules meetings and events concentrating on educating our children. Safety and education is a top priority. T.E.A.R.S. focuses on improving Railroad Safety at Local, State, and National levels. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Lombard IL
T.A.L.LO.M. FOUNDATION INCTALLOM Foundation Inc.empowers youth to thrive and be successful by equipping them with tools to create positive change within themselves and their communities. Basic Needs and Human Services Brooklyn NY
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