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7 nonprofits found for "Q".

Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Quarter Mile FoundationQuarter Mile Foundation's purpose is preserving the real historic places & people, in real time, for this and future generations to see and experience to get a 'charge,' if you will. PROJECT 1320 ... Creating a permanent historical record of drag racing - its people, cars, events and industry, a film series that transforms our past into present, and present into future giving context to ideas and anchorage to experience. Education
Health and Sports
Parma Heights OH
Quench and ConnectQuench and Connect's mission is to provide clean water and educational tools to Secondary schools in Uganda to promote health and academic success. We provide deep borehole wells directly on the campus of these schools so students are no longer sick from drinking contaminated water. Then we work directly with teachers at the school to provide the teaching tools they need, especially for teaching science. The impact on the success of these schools is significant. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
San Diego CA
Queen Bee Educational FoundationQueen Bee Educational Foundation is a non-profit foundation established to provide services to and serve as a vehicle for soliciting, receiving and allocating gifts, grants and bequests of money, property or services, all in order to promote a culture of academic excellence for the benefit of the students of Queen Bee Elementary District 16. Education Glendale Heights IL
QSA FoundationQSA Foundation is 501c3 organization of volunteers composed of business and professional leaders that provide community service, encourages high level of leadership training to homeless children and military families in need. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Gallatin TN
Queen of Hearts Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc.Our Mission at the Queen of Hearts Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc. is to give disabled children a fighting chance at a better life by raising money to provide necessary therapy and equipment, this will help our children to become healthy, happy independent citizens. ?Give A Child A Fighting Chance? Basic Needs and Human Services Palm Bay FL
Queens Centers For ProgressQueens Centers for Progress is committed to providing person-centered services and supports to children and adults who have developmental disabilities. The goal of these services and supports is to promote independence, community involvement, and quality of life. Basic Needs and Human Services Jamaica NY
QuelabQuelab is a community of Makers and Tinkerers in Albuquerque, New Mexico; we run a 9200 Sq Ft makerspace with tools and workspace for electronics, costuming, welding, woodworking, tinkering, citizen science, and learning in general. Come find community and a Place to Make Things! Arts and Humanities
Civic and Public Benefit
Albuquerque NM
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