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J.J. Johnson FoundationThe purpose of the J. J. Johnson Foundation is to provide domestic and international humanitarian aid in the form of housing, nutrition, clean water, medical assistance, education and job skill training. The Foundation accomplishes this by working together with government and non-government agencies, volunteer organizations, state and city programs, other foundations, by creating public awareness of humanitarian needs, by creating outreach programs and by providing volunteers. Basic Needs and Human Services Rancho Cucamonga CA
J/P Haitian Relief OrganizationJPHRO 's mission is "to save lives and bringing build sustainable programs with the Haitian people quickly and effectivel." J/P HRO works to deliver immediate results where the need is greatest providing emergency medical and primary care services, delivering medical equipment and medicine, rubble removal facilitating community regeneration, management of Internally Displaced Persons camps, distributing food and water purification systems, and developing housing and education facilities. Basic Needs and Human Services Los Angeles CA
J's Braintrust Consulting Services Inc.The mission statement is to teach young people financial literacy, entrepreneurship and time management. The vision of the organization is to equip young people with the tools necessary to be able to build plans, goals and dreams by providing a strong, core foundation of values that will help them become productive adults in our society. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Omaha NE
J4NA FoundationTo eliminate biases existed in this country based on the erroroneous perception of "perpetual foreigner", through advocacy and public education Civic and Public Benefit Hayward CA
J*Company Youth TheatreWith respect to the vision of the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, the mission of J*Company is to maintain its emphasis as the region's leading culturally diverse youth theatre, fostering respect, and featuring young performers of exceptional potential and talent in the Broadway tradition. Education La Jolla CA
JAARSThrough partnerships worldwide, JAARS provides quality technical support services and resources to speed Bible translation for all people. Education
Waxhaw NC
J-Life USAThrough holistic personal development, we equip and mobilize the church in America to run effective disciple-making youth ministries that impact the local and global community. Education
Nyack NY
J & J Horse Rescue and Riding ArenaTo take in unwanted, neglected, abused horses. To rehab the horses and find new homes. We also provide a safe place for abused women to ride and work with horses to aid in their recovering also. Environment and Protection of Animals Tioga PA
J and J's Homeless Pet RescueWe are dedicated to rescuing homeless animals, providing for their basic needs, including spay and neuter, and finding them loving homes through networking them to our rescue partners. Environment and Protection of Animals Washington NC
Jab World FoundationWe help the environment by recycling textiles and help clothe the less fortunate. Environment and Protection of Animals Fairview NJ
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