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Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Y'S MENS CLUB?To put Christian Principals into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.? Health and Sports Custer SD
Y-Press, Inc.Y-Press is a diverse, youth-driven organization that develops leadership, civic engagement and critical thinking through journalism in a variety of media, providing a forum for local and global youths' perspectives. Civic and Public Benefit
Indianapolis IN
Yaak Valley Forest CouncilYVFC protects wild places, restores fragmented landscapes, improves habitat for native species, supports local restoration economies based on value-added forest products and is committed to community collaboration. Located in the most northwest corner of Montana bordering Canada and Idaho. Civic and Public Benefit
Environment and Protection of Animals
Troy MT
Yachay Wasi, Inc.Yachay Wasi (Quechua: House of Learning) is a NGO, based in New York City, USA & Cuzco, Peru, accredited at the United Nations since 1997. Focus: Indigenous Issues. Yachay Wasi implements environmental projects in the Peruvian Andes such as the Recovery of the Circuit of Four Lakes in the Dept of Cuzco and Planting native trees in same area. It holds Information Conferences yearly in Peru High Andes Indigenous Communities: Acopia (2009); Raqchi (2010); Huilloc-Ollantaytambo (2011). International New York NY
YachtAid Global, sponsored by United Charitable ProgramsYachtAid Global orchestrates the delivery of disaster relief, development and conservation aid to coastal communities worldwide. The organization was founded in 2006. We operate under UCP, a registered national nonprofit. We use a network of volunteers who coordinate logistics, patrons who sponsor supplies, and yacht owners and crew that offer to transport them. We deliver aid to schools, medical clinics, and cultural centers in remote and isolated areas around the world. Basic Needs and Human Services Falls Church VA
Yad Avrohom AhronThe mandate of this organization is to provide assistance through monetary means for women who have just given birth. Yad Avrohom Ahron Inc. provides funds for a three day stay for the mother & baby at a post-partum center specifically catering to newborns and their mothers. This assistance is only available to those who are financially incapable of covering the cost. Basic Needs and Human Services Lakewood NJ
Yad EzraTo provide free supplemental food packages, toiletries, household goods and other necessities to needy Jewish families in the metro Detroit community. Basic Needs and Human Services Berkley MI
Yad Ezra - The Helping HandTo feed the body and soul of those in need. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Roosevelt NJ
Yad Yehuda of Greater WashingtonYad Yehuda of Greater Washington is a volunteer-only organization that offers a number of financial relief and assistance programs that service the ever growing numbers of financially stressed families in the Greater Washington Jewish communities. The organization prides itself on the fact that all programs are supported by dozens of dedicated volunteers and every dollar that is donated is a dollar that finds its way into directly alleviating the financial burden of recipient families. Basic Needs and Human Services Silver Spring MD
Yaffed incYAFFED is an advocacy group committed to improving educational curricula within ultra-Orthodox schools. Our work involves raising awareness about the importance of general studies education, and encouraging the leadership of the ultra-Orthodox world to act responsibly in preparing their youth for economic sufficiency and for broad access to the resources of the modern world. We encourage compliance with relevant state guidelines for education while maintaining respect for the primacy of Judaic studies. Education Kew Gardens NY
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