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174 nonprofits found for "U".

Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
U Care, Inc.U Care provides 24 hr crisis line, emergency shelter, and direct services to victims of domestic violence & sexual assault. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Clinton NC
U S Space Walk of FameOur mission is two-fold: Preserving Achievement; Inspiring Innovation. First, we honor those who built the American space program by preserving their artifacts, history and individual stories. Second, we use those stories and artifacts as a springboard to inspiring and educating a new generation to innovate, invent, explore and discover. Civic and Public Benefit
Titusville FL
U Turn for Christ Evangelistic Ministries, IncWe are a non-denominational, multicultural church that believes in reaching out as well as in to impact individuals with the Word of God. Our desire is that individuals make a U Turn for Christ and live the zoe kind of life that He intended. We have ministries that involve reaching out to women's shelters, troubled youth as well as giving young and older men a positive outlet through our Sports Ministry Health and Sports
Greenville SC
U&I Non-Profit CorpU & I Nonprofit Corporation is dedicated to improving disabled veteran's mobility. We provide wheelchairs or mobility devices to veterans in need. Each veteran is assisted individually and outfitted with whatever devices meet his or her particular needs. Basic Needs and Human Services Judith Gap MT
U.N.I.O.N. Impact CenterUnion Impact Center is a non-profit organization in the Southwest side of Chicago. Union offers low income families in underserved communities a Soccer Program, Dance Program, Youth Mentoring Program and Health Program. You can learn more by visiting our website or our Facebook page at Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Chicago IL
U.S. Coptic FundU.S. Coptic Fund is a Non-Profit Organization was founded in 2013 for the purpose of raising fund to aid needy families, male medication affordable to those in disparate need, create new job opportunities, provide affordable housing and cemetery units to needy families, build Churches and many other services in support to prosecuted and immigrates Christian minorities to the United States of America. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Aldie VA
U.S. Military Support GroupThe U.S. Military Support Group raises funding for smaller military veterans non profits. These are organizations that provide much needed services for returning combat veterans, but do not have a large budget for advertising and promotions. USMSG provides the funding for these groups. International
Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Palm Beach Gardens FL
UB2, Inc.Since 2013, UB2's mission has centered around providing social support services to men living with HIV in the Greater Boston area. Stigma attached to HIV has contributed to social isolation for so many, often exacerbating deep-seated feelings of loneliness and shame. At UB2, we strive to create a community where men can come together and feel supported, all in creative ways that allow us to have fun together. UB2 wants its members not to be simply alive with HIV, but truly living and thriving with HIV. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Brookline MA
UCANUCAN of Memphis is a nonprofit organization empowering middle and high school students in personal development, workforce values and awareness of bullying by providing the necessary tools to successfully move teens from being dependent to independent. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Memphis TN
UCLA UniCampUCLA UniCamp is the official student charity of the University of California, Los Angeles. UniCamp operates as an independently funded, secular, non-profit organization linking today?s University students with the Los Angeles community. Each year, UniCamp inspires approximately 1,000 children from low-income families to envision brighter futures by sending them and 350 Student Volunteers, to its residential outdoor summer camp and year-round mentorship program. Education Los Angeles CA
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