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Yokefellow MinistriesYokefellow Ministries of Greater Statesville is a christian organization, serving people of all faiths by providing assistance to those in need. Yoked together, using our talents, efforts, and other resources, we strive to exhibit understanding, compassion, and genuine concern for our community. Basic Needs and Human Services Statesville NC
Yoknapatawpha Arts CouncilTo provide access to the arts for residents of Lafayette County, Mississippi and provide artist the tools and resources to present works that celebrate the region. Arts and Humanities Oxford MS
Yolo County SPCA Thrift StoreOur mission is to continuously improve the welfare of animals in the community through programs that promote the adoption of homeless animals into permanent, loving homes; humane education; spay/neutering; and the trapping, altering, and releasing of feral cats. Thanks to the contributions of our members, volunteers, and the public, we can create a more humane tomorrow. Environment and Protection of Animals Davis CA
York Adopt-A-PetTo provide a safe haven for the dogs and cats placed in our custody. To find the best and most suitable homes for these dogs and cats. To educate the public on the need to treat all pets with dignity and love. To reduce pet overpopulation. Environment and Protection of Animals York NE
York County Bar FoundationThe York County Bar Foundation is dedicated to the following charitable purposes: To provide legal services to disadvantaged residents of York County regardless of their ability to pay; To promote the fair and efficient administration of justice; and To provide grants and support to projects consistent with our charitable purposes. The Mission is therefore: To increase pro bono participation by the Bar; To increase our endowment and our law-related grants. Civic and Public Benefit
York PA
York County Community Action CorporationThe mission of York County Community Action Corporation is to alleviate the effects of poverty, attack its underlying causes, and to promote the dignity and self-sufficiency of the people of York County, Maine. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Sanford ME
York County Shelter Programs Inc.Mission Statement of York County Shelter Programs We are committed to ending homelessness and assisting people to reach their fullest potential by providing access to various levels of housing, personal growth opportunities and community resources. We embrace diversity and economic security for all. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Alfred ME
York Otterbein ChurchYork Otterbein Church is committed to being a people alive in God's grace, which is healing hearts, transforming lives, and encouraging everyone to follow Jesus. Religious York PA
Yorkie Friends Rescuecoming Environment and Protection of Animals Kissimmee FL
Yorkie Haven RescueThe mission of Yorkie Haven Rescue is to rescue Yorkie/Yorkie mixes regardless of age, sight, hearing or other handicaps. We are committed to educating the public, our adoptees and volunteers about the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. We pledge to provide a loving and caring environment and keep the pup safe until a forever home can be found. Our focus is not finding the right pup for a home, but finding the right home for each and every pup. Environment and Protection of Animals League City TX
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