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California Historical Radio SocietyThe California Historical Radio Society is committed to the preservation, restoration and study of early radio and broadcasting; is dedicated to educating and building public awareness of radio history mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area; and curates a museum of vintage radios, broadcast gear and ham radio with a research library and teaching facilities in Alameda, CA. CHRS sees Radio as transformational to the 20th century and has a passion to tell its story. Visit at Education Alameda CA
California Institute of the ArtsCalifornia Institute of the Arts educates artists in a learning environment founded on artmaking excellence, creative experimentation, critical reflection and the diversity of voices. To advance the exploration of new forms and expressions, CalArts urges collaboration and reciprocity among artists, artistic disciplines and cultural traditions?both on campus and in ongoing engagement with communities near and far. Education
Arts and Humanities
Valencia CA
California Land Surveyors Association Education FoundationThe Purpose of the CLSA Education Foundation: - Provide scholarship aid to students - Provide financial support to educational institutions - Undertake and publish educational studies supporting surveying studies Education Santa Rosa CA
California Law Enforcement 'Wish Upon A Star'Grants wishes for children with high-risk illnesses. This "medicine for the spirit" improves quality of life, lessens isolation and provides families with comforting memories. Basic Needs and Human Services Visalia CA
California Lawyers for the ArtsCalifornia Lawyers for the Arts is a nonprofit service organization providing legal services, educational programs, alternative dispute resolution services, advocacy and more to artists and arts organizations of all types. Founded in 1974 by lawyers and artists, C.L.A.'s programs and services are designed to help artists understand and apply legal concepts. For more information about C.L.A., please visit Arts and Humanities San Francisco CA
California Lutheran HomesA social ministry organization affiliated with the ELCA and recognized by the LCMS. California Lutheran Homes has nearly 60 years of providing residential services (including idependent living, assisted living and skilled nursing) to older adults. Additionally, CLH also provides volunteer and chaplaincy services. Religious
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Burbank CA
California Parenting InstituteOur mission is to nurture children and families by providing parent education, support, and mental health services to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect. Basic Needs and Human Services Santa Rosa CA
California Preservation FoundationThe California Preservation Foundation provides statewide leadership, advocacy and education to ensure the protection of California's diverse cultural heritage and historic places. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
San Francisco CA
California Prison FocusCalifornia Prison Focus works to abolish the California prison system in its present condition. We investigate and expose human rights abuses with the goal of ending long term isolation, medical neglect, and all forms of discrimination. We are community activists, prisoners, and their families educating and inspiring the public to demand change. Basic Needs and Human Services Oakland CA
California Programs for the Autistic, Inc.California Programs for the Autistic, Inc. provides residential services to adults with autism and intellectual disabilities in Sonoma County, CA. Through innovative and progressive person-centered strategies developed over the past 37 years, CPA promotes the highest possible degree of independence and community integration for each of our men. Arts and Humanities
Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
Santa Rosa CA
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