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War-Torn International, Inc.War-Torn International works with re-emerging communities in post-conflict nations to rebuild the social structure, and even the playing field in the global market. Main branches of work: -Women and refugees -Children and illicit recruitment prevention -Disarmament and Military -Religion and Culture We also help other NGOs & communities to draft letters to the UN regarding international human right violations. All donations go towards implementation of programs in any of these key areas, worldwide. International
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Miami FL
warbirds of North America, Inc.Warbirds of North America is a charitable organization that promotes interest in civilian and military aviation. We?re dedicated to preserving operational examples of historic aircraft while honoring the pilots and their crew. When the restoration is complete, the aircraft will demonstrate typical military training and combat maneuvers specific to the airplane. While on static display, air show attendees will observe the aircraft closely, view a documentary, and question the staff. Civic and Public Benefit Hampshire IL
Warbirds West Air MuseumPreserving historic military aircraft, and vehicles in operational condition for public education, display and in flight operation at airshows, parades, and other community events. Fostering aviation education through public programs: FAA Private Pilot Ground School Class (2x / year); Boy and Girl Scout Merit / Activity Badge and Eagle Scout Programs; and Community Service Events (Annual Flu Clinic) and Social Fundraisers (Hangar Dinner Dance, Veteran?s Day Car and Aircraft Show) at Gillespie Field. Civic and Public Benefit
La Mesa CA
Ward Burton Wildlife FoundationThe Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation is an education-oriented organization dedicated to promoting an awareness for the need of wildlife conservation, habitat enhancement, and proper stewardship of America's natural resources. The foundation is dedicated to preserving the natural environment for future generations. Environment and Protection of Animals Halifax VA
Ward HomeWard Home's mission is to train at-risk young adults in practical life skills in safe, nurturing environments in order to live independently as effective, contributing members of the community. Basic Needs and Human Services Pittsburgh PA
Wardensville Scholarship Fund AssociationThe Wardensville Scholarship Fund Association is dedicated to providing scholastic financial assistance to graduating seniors from East Hardy High School, Baker, West Virginia. Education Wardensville WV
Wardrobe for OpportunityWardrobe for Opportunity works in partnership with the community to assist low-income individuals to "Find a Job, Keep a Job, and Build a Career." Since 1995, WFO has empowered low-income jobseekers with the skills, tools and confidence they need to secure employment and build successful careers. Basic Needs and Human Services Oakland CA
Warfighter Outfitters"Warfighter Outfitter's Inc." (non-profit) 501(c)3 is comprised of a full Veteran board of directors that has made a point of serving our nation's wounded/disabled rated veterans through no charge guiding and outfitting adventures. Civic and Public Benefit sisters OR
Warm Blankets Orphan Care InternationalThe mission of Warm Blankets Orphan Care International is to rescue and restore the lives of orphans living in third world countries in partnership with those who have a passion to help needy, parentless children. International
Civic and Public Benefit
Rolling Meadows IL
Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc.The Warm Heart Foundation is a grassroots organization that helps villagers in the remote northern district of Phrao, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. We organize community projects that provide access to improved education and basic health services, create jobs and sustainable incomes for the poorest in our community, and restore the environment so it will sustain future generations. Our programs address acute needs by helping people help themselves using locally available resources. Basic Needs and Human Services
Environment and Protection of Animals
Highland Park NJ
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