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Kehillas Zichron Dovid of PomonaKehillas Zichron Dovid is a vibrant Shul nestled in the woods of Pomona, NY. The area is in close proximity to Monsey, 45 minutes from New York City, and near major shopping sources. We also have an Eruv to keep Shabbos enjoyable. Our services are lead by our Rav, Rabbi Etan Moshe Berman, who delivers stimulating divrei Torah and offers around the clock assistance to our congregants. Religious Pomona NY
Keith A. Somers International FoundationTo expand the perspective of youth, globally, and equip them with the life skills necessary to fulfill a pro social role within the community. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Marina Del Rey CA
Keller's Kats Rescue Inc.We are an volunteer run, foster based animal rescue that works tirelessly to find suitable homes for abandoned, lost and surrendered animals in jeopardy of euthanasia.We are a no-kill organization, unless medically warranted, no animal in our program is ever euthanized to make space for any other animals. We provide all necessary medical care before placing animals in permanent, loving homes. Environment and Protection of Animals Walworth NY
Kelleys Island Historical AssociationWe are a local History Museum preserving one small Island's history through displays, programs and events. Education Kelleys Island OH
Kellsies Hope FoundationKellsies Hope Foundation Inc, mission is to lighten the load of families that have children suffering from cancer by offering support for trips, and gifts that might otherwise be unattainable to a child with cancer. Kellsies Hope Foundation is also dedicated to raising funds to support childhood cancer research and to support the nursing field with a nursing scholarship each year. Health and Sports Maryville IL
Kelly Music For LifeKelly Music for Life produces and promotes music events for the benefit of community. We fund music education programs, food banks, park beautification, and other important community initiatives. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Havertown PA
Ken Turner Ministries, Inc.A frontline outreach ministry to high-risk and fatherless youth. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Dayton TN
Kendall County Food PantryThe Kendall County Food Pantry provides food and other services to over 7,000 residents per month Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Yorkville IL
Kennedy's Disease AssociationThe Kennedy's Disease Association has been formed with the following objectives in mind: 1) Financially support and promote medical research to find a cure for Kennedy's Disease 2) Improve awareness of Kennedy's Disease in the medical community 3) Create a support system for those living with Kennedy's Disease 4) Increase public awareness about Kennedy's Disease and its effects on families Share information about Kennedy's Disease for those who seek it. Basic Needs and Human Services Coarsegold CA
Kennett Area Senior CenterThe Kennett Area Senior Center is a non-profit organization that serves older residents of southern Chester County. The Center provides daytime, evening and occasional week-end programs and services to help residents stay active, healthy, and involved, allowing them to remain independent. Basic Needs and Human Services Kennett Square PA
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