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Kauai Museum Associates, Ltd.The mission of the Kauai Museum is to inspire and promote in our community, an appreciation and respect for the indigenous and immigrant people of Kauai and Niihau and their cultural heritage. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Lihue HI
Kauai United WayProviding leadership to unite the people of Kauai by sharing resources to better care for one another. Basic Needs and Human Services Lihue HI
Kaufman County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Inc.Providing emergency communications via amateur radio before, during and after a disaster. When all else fails, amateur radio. Helping to provide pre-disaster training, disaster response and disaster relief operations. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Kaufman TX
Kawaihoa FoundationThe Kawaihoa Foundation was established to educate, promote and preserve the unique traditions and cultural heritage of the Hula, Polynesian Dances and other ethnic arts . To support the purpose and activities of HALAU KAWAIHOA, NOA NOA TE TIARE POLYNESIAN DANCE COMPANY and other established cultural ethnic programs.. Arts and Humanities Kaneohe HI
KBOO Community RadioKBOO fills needs other media do not, emphasizing underserved groups. We also provide access and training. Our news and public affairs emphasizes unpopular, controversial or neglected perspectives on important issues, reflecting values of peace, justice, democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression and social change. Our arts, cultural and musical content covers a wide spectrum of expression from traditional to experimental, reflecting the diverse cultures we serve. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Portland OR
KBTC AssociationThe KBTC Association supports the artistic, cultural and educational activities of KBTC & KCKA Public Television. The KBTC Association ensures that KBTC has the resources necessary to provide local programs & services that define, unite and empower the community it serves. Arts and Humanities
Tacoma WA
KBW Glass Art Educational FoundationTo attract more people into the glass art world by providing scholarships, grants, supplies, and books to high schools, colleges, and other educational venues. Generate the public?s interest in glass art and offer educational opportunities to those who would not have the opportunity to study glass art and to stimulate the growth of the industry. Education
Arts and Humanities
Civic and Public Benefit
Carlsbad CA
KC CASH Coalition, IncTo support low and moderate-income working families in building an economic foundation and increasing financial stability by:  Increasing awareness and utilization of the Earned Income Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit through outreach efforts;  Providing free tax preparation to qualifying families;  Connecting taxpayers to financial literacy and asset building programs; and  Promoting community resources that assist families in reaching self sufficiency. Basic Needs and Human Services Kansas City MO
KC Ferret HotlineOur mission is the rescue, shelter and hopeful adoption of wayward ferrets in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Public education, and the promotion of rational legal regulation of ferrets is also a primary goal. Please help us help ferrets! Environment and Protection of Animals Kansas City MO
KC Fringe FestivalThe KC Fringe Festival is a service to the community building bridges between artists, audiences, businesses and civic organizations. By making the arts readily visible, available and affordable, the festival will support and inspire local organizations year-round. The Fringe Festival helps develop audiences for the arts, stimulates economic growth with local venues and enhances the creative community at large. Arts and Humanities Kansas City MO
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