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California Automobile MuseumOur mission is to preserve, exhibit and teach the story of the automobile and its influence on our lives. Civic and Public Benefit Sacramento CA
California Bicycle Coalition Education FundCalBike enables more people to bicycle for the health, safety, and prosperity of all Californians. We envision millions of people riding bikes every day in California. Networks of safe streets and paths conveniently connect every destination. By changing state policy and supporting local advocates, we are working toward our goal of doubling the amount of bicycling in the Golden State by 2017 and tripling it by 2020. Learn more at Education
Health and Sports
Civic and Public Benefit
Sacramento CA
California Center for Economic InitiativesIt is the mission of CCFEI to develop programming that will speak to the social inequalities faced by underserved populations. Our organization provide much needed resources in the areas of education and training to empower community leaders and foster innovative community change. We focus on environment, education, job creation and youth services in order make lasting changes. Civic and Public Benefit
San Pedro CA
CALIFORNIA CHILDREN'S ACADEMYCalifornia Children's Academy helps families become financially independent by providing affordable child care to low income families. Basic Needs and Human Services
California ChinchillasMany chinchillas are being lost, abandoned or turned in by owners no longer wanting or able to care for them. We take care of their physical and emotional needs so that they may find happy, loving homes. Some rescued chinchillas are growing babies, elderly chinchillas, pregnant, sick and injured chinchillas need extra special care and love. Environment and Protection of Animals menlo park CA
California Club ChabadWe are a Jewish Outreach Center, open to all. Programmes include:weekly shabbat services and dinners, Holiday services & parties, visiting the sick & elderly, assisting the poor, adult education, bar & bat mitzvah classes, singles events, Jewish Latin Outreach, including all programming in Spanish Religious N. Miami Beach, FL
California Coalition for PKU and Allied DisordersTo educate, support, and inspire those living with and working with Phenylketonuria (PKU) and other Allied Disorders in California. Basic Needs and Human Services Rancho Cucamonga CA
California Coalition for YouthOur mission is to improve and empower the lives of California's youth. Our vision is that every youth in California is connected to the services, resources, support and programs that they need to have successful lives. Basic Needs and Human Services Sacramento CA
California Collaborative Justice Courts FoundationIndividuals placed in a judicially supervised treatment program due to their addiction issues may apply for small grants from the CCJC Foundation to help with costs for which there is no other funding. Grants may pay for children's clothing, car maintenance, eye glasses, college textbooks,and more. As a result these people are able to be motivated to complete their programs and keep up their confidence that they can cope with their struggles. Local Fund Committees are key to this effort's success. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Nevada City CA
California Community ChurchTo glorify God; To serve unselfishly, in Jesus' name, meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in our Church, community and in the world; To benefit the people of Southern California by providing opportunities for spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and cultural development in Christian life. Religious Agoura CA
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