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Narcolepsy Network, Inc.Our purpose is to 1.Promote the development of activities designed to educate the public concerning the disorder known as narcolepsy and other related sleep disorders. 2. Support individuals with narcolepsy, their families and friends. 3. Promote the efficient diagnosis of narcolepsy. 4. Encourage and promote scientific research for the cause, treatments, prevention and cure of narcolepsy. 5. Provide funding through solicitation and fund-raising activities for the above-mentioned purposes. Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
North Kingstown RI
Narragansett Schools PTOThe mission of the Narragansett Schools PTO is to enhance and support the educational experience at the Narragansett Elementary, Middle and High School, to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parental involvement and open communication with parents and faculty, and to improve the environment at the three schools through volunteer and financial support through fundraising. Education Narragansett RI
Narrows Center For The ArtsTo promote and develop an appreciation of the visual and the performing arts. To create and develop an artistic and cultural center for the benefit of the public at large and the citizens of Fall River, MA. To provide an easier path for those who create. To strive for the betterment of all things meaningful. To generate the capital to make these quests possible and perpetual. To bring the best to most. Arts and Humanities
Fall River MA
NARSAD ArtworksNARSAD Artworks' mission is to educate the public about mental illness and to destigmatize it via the incorporation of art created by artists with mental illness into products sold worldwide. Secondary missions are to raise money through the sale of those products by local groups supporting the mentally ill, to provide self-esteem and income to the selected artists and to help fund research. Arts and Humanities
Health and Sports
Brea CA
Nashoba Learning GroupTo Provide outstanding, individualized education, training and intervention services to children and adults with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder); in order to allow those we serve to achieve their full potential and participate as fully as possible in family and community activities throught their lives. Education Bedford MA
Nashua Association for the Elderly dba Nashua Senior Activity Center"Promote healthy aging, independence and the well-being of older adults through health, wellness, educational, cultural and recreational programs and services." Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Nashua NH
Nashville AAZKAAZK's purpose is to foster a professional attitude in animal keepers by encouraging them to become active members of the professional teams at today's zoos and aquariums. AAZK supports the promotion and implementation of zoo keeper education and strives to make the general public aware of our concern for all valid and deserving conservation projects and the need for the preservation of our natural resources and animal life. Environment and Protection of Animals Nashville TN
Nashville Basket BrigadeBuilt on the simple gesture of sharing with others, the Nashville Basket Brigade got its start in 2007. With contributions from friends and family, the Brigade filled ten baskets with Thanksgiving dinner fixings that year and delivered them to Nashville families. Becoming an annual event, the Nashville Basket Brigade has grown over the past five years, distributing more than 120 baskets last Thanksgiving. Basic Needs and Human Services Franklin TN
Nashville CARESNashville CARES promotes and participates in a comprehensive and compassionate response to HIV/AIDS in Middle Tennessee. Our purpose is to educate the community for increased understanding and prevention of HIV transmission, to advocate for responsible public policy and to provide services that improve the quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and their families. Basic Needs and Human Services Nashville TN
Nashville Cat RescueThe mission of Nashville Cat Rescue is to rescue cats and kittens from off the streets and from high-kill shelters and then adopt them out into loving homes. Before our cats are made available for adoption, they are tested for FIV/FeLV, spayed or neutered, given all necessary vaccinations, de-wormed, and given flea preventative. Environment and Protection of Animals Nashville TN
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