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Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
ICNA Greater PhiladelphiaICNA Greater Philadelphia is a local chapter of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). Our Mission Statement is to make people aware of the message of Islam, through Dawaah, Tarbiyah, and Outreach programs (working also with other likeminded organizations), to develop a strategy and structure for these goals. We are completely comprised of motivated volunteers seeking to help the cause. Be sure to join and let us know how we can improve in your local community. Religious collegeville PA
ICNA Relief USA ProgramsWe provide social services and disaster response services in the US. Basic Needs and Human Services JAMAICA NY
iConnect InternationalAspiration of iConnect International is to create opportunities for life-changing involvement through connecting local vision with international resources and through sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, together with meeting related physical needs. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Fort Worth TX
ICT S.O.S.ICT S.O.S. fights human trafficking through education, awareness, resources and community partnership. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Wichita KS
ICTA (Int'l Christian Technologists' Assoc'n)God wants to pour His heart and His Spirit into your professional gifts and skills -- to bless the world! ICTA is... Inspiring Spirit-led technology workers, workplaces, and work! For high tech to be effective, our profession needs to be deeply transformed. From functional unbelievers, our community is becoming Spirit-Led in *all* we do, including our work. God nurtures this as we gather to learn, train, inform, and collaborate, and He multiplies us as an inspired resource for those serving Him. Basic Needs and Human Services
Colorado Springs CO
Idaho Archaeological SocietyThe Idaho Archaeological Society's mission is to preserve, educate, and encourage the study of Idaho's antiquities. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Boise ID
Idaho Association for the Education of Young ChildrenIdaho AEYC's mission is to improve the quality of life for Idaho s young children and their families; to improve professional practice in early care and education; to build public understanding and support; and to build and maintain a strong, diverse and inclusive organization. Education Boise ID
Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc.Our mission is to give orphaned cubs a second chance at life in the wild by: Rescuing, rehabilitating & releasing the cubs; Instituting bear rehab programs & training rehabilitators in states where the option does not exist; Working with state wildlife agencies to establish bear rehab as a part of their wildlife management policy; Educating the public about bear rehab & our responsibility to protect wild bears & their habitat; Continue learning & sharing rehab methods to successfully release orphaned cubs. Environment and Protection of Animals Garden City ID
Idaho Center for Sustainable AgricultureAdvocate and provide education for regenerative agriculture, healthy soils, and water conservation. Promote local food systems that support healthy people and boost local economies. Create and facilitate opportunities for new and existing farming entrepreneurs. Organize discussions/forums on the agricultural future of GMO, pesticide, herbicide, and antibiotic use. Civic and Public Benefit
Environment and Protection of Animals
Boise ID
Idaho Dads, Inc.Educate Dads on the value of their role in the family and importance of their parental responsibilities and to understand the significant impact of early involvement in their child's life. Encourage Dads to utilize the information and resources they continue to discover supporting and sustaining stable families. Inspire Dads outcome to include lifelong relationships with their children, strengthen their economic stability, and maintain healthy relationships between parents. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Boise ID
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