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A Gift of Pain, Inc.It is the goal of this charity to connect all persons and families affected by insensitivity to pain and provide support, education, and eventually research into the neurological causes of the condition. Basic Needs and Human Services Elk River MN
A Glimmer of Hope the Symbol of the CureA Glimmer of Hope, the Symbol of the Cure Foundation's, mission is to create a specialized center that will direct testing, treatment and support for women that are pre-menopausal and dealing with this devastating disease.800-454-6746 Basic Needs and Human Services Wexford PA
A Global FriendshipA Global Friendship (AGF) is an international non-profit that works towards women?s empowerment and poverty alleviation. We create economic opportunities for women in developing regions around the world who live on under $10 a day, helping them to break the cycle of poverty. We work to improve the standard of living in developing communities by creating sustainable businesses for women and providing them with small business training and access to an international market. Education
Arts and Humanities
A Godsent Foundation IncEmpowering Children In Africa Through Quality Education Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
pflugerville TX
A Grateful Mind InternationalThe mission of A Grateful Mind International (Community Outreach Services) is to provide immediate humanitarian relief to individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis; while providing them access to educational resources that will empower them to move beyond their crisis. This is done by providing 'Emergency Crisis Assistance & Educational Resources' to homeless and impoverished individuals and families in need of a helping hand. Basic Needs and Human Services Orlando FL
A Healthier You FoundationA Healthier You offers services such as functional movement training, nutritional assessments, and character building for those in vulnerable populations such as intellectually disabled, youth, poor, and many more. Healthier lifestyles affects all of us with reduced dependency, less healthcare costs, and a more positive impact on the community. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Sioux Falls SD
A Heart for GuatemalaThrough education and community building, our vision is for families to build a sustainable future, free from dependency on others for basic needs. Families will have a real chance to break the cycle of poverty and create a new reality where they have choices and are empowered to choose their own path. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Cumming GA
A Helping Hand with RecoveryFurnishing homes for healing and hope. Basic Needs and Human Services West Allis WI
A Helping PawEnding the suffering and deaths of innocent homeless animals by increased adoptions, aggressive spay/neuter programs and public education. Providing permanent enriched care for unadoptable pets at our sanctuary. Environment and Protection of Animals Buzzards Bay MA
A Home To ShareThe mission of a Home to Share is to provide a permanent home where adults with, and without, intellectual disabilities can live together in a cooperative family environment of harmony, comfort, safety and dignity, and are integrated with the greater community as valued citizens. Residents assist each other in building independent skills while strengthening relationships that are fundamental to achieving personal freedom. Basic Needs and Human Services Sisters OR
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