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NAMI San FranciscoThe mission of NAMI San Francisco is to provide education, resources and emotional support for families and those affected by mental illness (brain disorders). In collaboration with the whole community, we advocate for a life of quality and dignity, one without discrimination or stigma for all those persons affected by these illnesses. Basic Needs and Human Services
San Francisco CA
NAMI South DakotaNAMI South Dakota provides education, support and advocacy for individuals and families impacted by mental illness. We work toward a time when the stigma of mental illness is eliminated and a system of care exists that brings treatment to people when and where they need it. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Sioux Falls SD
NAMI Southwest Missouri, IncNAMI provides support, education, advocacy, and referral services to individuals and family members. We are committed to improving the quality of life for those affected by severe mental illness and the elimination of stigma and disrimination. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Springfield MO
NAMI TennesseeNAMI Tennessee is a grassroots, self-help organization dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals with mental illness, their families and communities through mutual support, education and advocacy. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Nashville TN
NAMIC FoundationThe NAMIC Foundation advances multi-ethnic diversity in the cable industry by providing education, research and information to support workforce recruitment goals, programming innovation, career growth and technology access. The NAMIC Foundation raises funds to support the initiatives of NAMIC, Inc. and provides grants, through its Digital Bridge Alliance Project, to community-based organizations to fund projects specifically designed to bridge the digital divide in underserved communities of color. Civic and Public Benefit
New York NY
Nana's Childrens Home DBA Nana's HouseTo provide a safe, secure, loving home where Neglected, Abused, Needy or Abandoned children can come and experience God's love Basic Needs and Human Services
Malabar FL
Nantucket Historical AssociationThe mission of the Nantucket Historical Association is to preserve and interpret the history of Nantucket Island in order to inspire island residents, both year-round and seasonal, to shape the island s future with a greater appreciation and respect for their shared heritage, and to foster among all Nantucket residents and visitors a deeper appreciation of the important historical role that the island s people have played in national and world history. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Nantucket MA
Nantucket Rental Assistance ProgramThe Nantucket Rental Assistance Program provides help to year-round lower income island residents who are having difficulty paying their rent due to sudden illness, loss of employment, or other financial crisis.. Applicants must meet strict proram guidelines and demonstrate an ability to be employed and pay their rent once our short term help has concluded. Maximun benbefit over any 18 month period is $3000. Basic Needs and Human Services Nantucket MA
Napa Bleacher BumsNapa High Bleacher Bums is a part of the Napa High Athletic Boosters nonprofit organization and is focused on improving the fan experience at Napa High School Baseball Field. Safe ADA compliant bleachers, bathrooms and other upgrades are planned. These upgrades benefit the entire Napa community. Join us to make this dream become a reality! See our progress at or visit out Facebook page at Health and Sports Napa CA
NAPA Center Kids FoundationNAPA Center Kids Foundation provides grants for assisting families with equipment purchases, sponsorship for community programs, or, if needed, alternative treatments to help their child reach their full potential. Our Foundation enables children to access innovative, high quality, and progressive therapeutic rehabilitation treatments to improve quality of life. We also strive to educate and support the families of children with special needs. Basic Needs and Human Services Hawthorne CA
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