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bags of hopeEveryday, Bags of Hope provide basic needs and training for people in need in the US and around the world. Our goal is to create better tomorrow by changing lives TODAY! Globally, over 1.2 billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day. We do not want to live on the sidelines- with your help, together we can DO SOMETHING! Basic Needs and Human Services Fort Lauderdale FL
Bainbridge Schools FoundationBainbridge Schools Foundation works to support the school district's vision and mission. We raise funds, gather resources and act as a catalyst to involve the community in public education. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between what the district receives to fund education and what it needs to adequately fund its programs to achieve educational excellence to inspire students. Education bainbridge island WA
Baker Block MuseumWe are a local history museum that serves to educate the public and preserve historical items from our county and state for future generations. We also serve as a research library for family history. Civic and Public Benefit
Baker FL
Bakersfield Burrito ProjectEvery Sunday the Bakersfield Burrito Project goes out into our community an feeds the hungry and homeless of our area. We not only help out with a meal but we also distribute clothing, hygiene kits, purses, water and food. The Bakersfield Burrito Project also helps out community by providing work experience for many young adults as well as vital life skills to those who participate in our volunteer program. We are a group of people helping people. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Bakersfield CA
Ball To AllThe mission is simple and captured in the slogan: Every Kid Can Have A Ball. We give soccer balls to kids who never had one, all over the world. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Health and Sports
Scottsdale AZ
Ballet Afsaneh Art and Culture SocietyThe mission of the Afsaneh Art & Culture Society - Ballet Afsaneh and DanceVersity is to present the expressive arts of diverse and enduring cultures. Our focus is the historic Silk Road regions of Central Asia; Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, India, Turkey, China and others. Our public programs promote understanding of diverse cultures, support artists in their role as visionary community leaders, and inspire people through the presentation of traditional and new artwork. Arts and Humanities Woodacre CA
Ballet MagnificatWith world-class dance, powerful performances and original ballets, the professional touring companies of Ballet Magnificat! travel the world delivering life-impacting experiences. Founded in 1986 by II USA IBC Silver Medalist Kathy Thibodeaux, the ministry also includes a Professional Training Program, School of the Arts, and Summer Dance Intensive. Ballet Magnificat! has been a major influence in the restoration of dance in the church, and has spawned Christian dance troupes and schools around the world. Religious
Arts and Humanities
Jackson MS
Ballet Theatre FoundationThe mission of American Ballet Theatre is to create, to present, to preserve, and to extend the great repertoire of classical dancing, through exciting performances and educational programming of the highest quality, presented to the widest possible audience. American Ballet Theatre is committed to its tradition of excellence and its leadership role as America's National Ballet Company. Arts and Humanities New York NY
Baltimore Fashion Alliance DBA Sharp Dressed ManSharp Dressed Man empowers men to improve their lives- equipping men in the Baltimore area who are preparing for work through job training programs with recycled suits for job interviews. Our professional presentation program gives men confidence and a professional look as they prepare for job interviews. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Baltimore MD
Baltimore Urban Debate League, Inc.Voice Purpose Power The Baltimore Urban Debate League (BUDL) enriches the academic experience and overall development of students from Baltimore City's public elementary, middle, and high schools through participation in competitive debate. Through debate, students become engaged learners, critical thinkers, citizen leaders, and advocates for themselves and their community. BUDL prepares students for success in school, for college admission and for productive and fulfilling lives. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Baltimore MD
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