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Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Badjao BridgeBreaking the cycle of poverty among sea-dwelling children by providing educational access and livelihood opportunities. Education Hayward CA
Badlands MinistriesCentered in the beauty of the North Dakota Badlands, our mission is to witness to the love and power of our Savior Jesus Christ, providing life, hope, vitality, and renewal to all. Religious
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Medora ND
BAG ITBAG IT reaches out to cancer patients, regardless of gender, age, or cancer type, at a critical time - right after diagnosis. The information is designed to help them cope with their diagnosis, move more competently through the treatment process, empower them to become an active member of their treatment team, and transition to follow up care. Our information is focused on taking people overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis to a level of understanding about their disease. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Tucson AZ
bags4kids FoundationTo provide comfort bags to police stations and Social workers who then give these bags to children who have been displaced. To give them dignity when they are going through a crises in their life and to show them that people do care. Basic Needs and Human Services California City CA
Bailey Baio Angel FoundatonFounded by Scott and Renee Baio, BBAF works to:Heighten awareness on the importance of comprehensive newborn screening and its availability and necessity for every newborn. Promote legislation which will mandate comprehensive newborn. Raise funds through promotional activities and sales to support children/families affected with GA1 and other OA?s (organic acidemia metabolic disorders) through the creation of provisional support programs (including food, vitamin and emotional support efforts.) Basic Needs and Human Services Woodland Hills CA
Bailey's CafeBailey's Cafe is a center for educational and cultural activity. We believe in nurturing and guiding individuals in their pursuit of self-knowledge through writing, cooking, music, dance, theater, and fine arts. We aim to create an atmosphere of collective awareness, respect and responsibility, built on the talents and resources of the community. Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Brooklyn NY
Bainbridge Schools FoundationBainbridge Schools Foundation works to support the school districtís vision and mission. We raise funds, gather resources and act as a catalyst to involve the community in public education. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between what the district receives to fund education and what it needs to adequately fund its programs to achieve educational excellence. Education Bainbridge Island WA
Baja California Spay Neuter FoundationTo end unwanted litters of dogs and cats, homeless animal suffering, and overpopulation by providing low-cost, high quality, spay and neuter services. To promote and provide advanced spay and neuter education and training to veterinarians, while promoting the cause of humane animal care and responsible animal ownership through community education Environment and Protection of Animals San Ysidro CA
baja dog rescueWe rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs and find them loving happy homes. We are a No-Kill animal rescue and we literally give them a second chance at life. . We save street dogs and find them homes. Environment and Protection of Animals san ysidro CA
Bakersfield pet food pantryOur mission is to help our community by providing temporary assistance of pet food to families suffering financial hardships, low income seniors, disabled and homeless individuals Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
Bakersfield CA
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