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CFC Loud N Clear 501(c)(3)CFC Loud N Clear Foundation focuses on rebuilding lives and healing families suffering from addiction. Offering completely free aftercare treatment, CFC programs include SMART Recovery & AA Meetings, family support group, meditation, life workshops, resume building, career and internship opportunities, educational scholarships, sober social activities calendar, and so much more! Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
CFI MinistriesLeprosy is a chronic condition that affects the skin and nerves. Though curable in its early stages, it is often diagnosed too late for successful remedies. By this time, the disease has stripped its victims of their health and occupations, making it virtually impossible to obtain the expensive treatments that could ease their suffering.The main scourge of leprosy is social discrimination. Our Mercy Heart Compassion team serve in the village day and night to provide needs and medical service. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Fort Worth TX
Chab Dai USAWorking together to end human trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia, the United States, the UK and Canada. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Irvine CA
Chabad at UVMChabad @ UVM is dedicated to serving all Jewish college students in the state of Vermont with Ahavat Yisrael- an unconditional love and concern, regardless of background and affiliation. Its multiple programs strengthen Jewish identity, education, awareness and pride and provide the means to practice and experience our Jewish heritage. Religious
Burlington VT
Chabad at VCUJewish VCU Providing opportunity to explore Jewish roots; social, spiritual, cultural, gastro-intestinal. A home away from home, for students, grads, and young professionals, in Richmond, VA Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Richmond VA
Chabad Fenway - Huntington Avenue, incChabad Fenway - Huntington is a home away from home for the students at the many universities in the area. Through education and positive experiences we help the students learn about their heritage and grow in their belief and values. Education
Boston MA
Chabad Jewish Center of OaklandTo promote and strengthen education, awareness, pride and identity through the provisions of education, culture and social activities to all individuals regardless of affiliation and background. Basic Needs and Human Services
Oakland CA
Chabad Jewish Center of PetalumaThe Chabad Jewish Center is committed to creating a community with educational, social and cultural programs. Chabad is dedicated to making the beauty and joys of our Jewish traditions and heritage accessible, relevant, and meaningful. Civic and Public Benefit
Petaluma CA
Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Community Center of FolsomChabad has for many years, in the United States and throughout the world, actively promoted a greater awareness of the concepts of education, morality and decency amongst all people. The local center was established in 2007 to provide many diverse educational and social programs and has been successfully impacting our community in many positive ways. Basic Needs and Human Services
folsom CA
Chabad Lubavitch of Coconut Creek/Pompano incWe are dedicated to serving people of all ages. Through our education and social services, Chabad has changed the lives of countless people of all races, colors and background, for the good. Every act of kindness makes our world a better, safer and more moral place to live! Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Coconut Creek, FL
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