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Capitol Area Rescue Effort, Inc.We rescue dogs from abuse and neglect situations and work to pair them with loving, permanent homes through a thorough and rigorous adoption procedure. Environment and Protection of Animals Sandston VA
Capitol BESTTo inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology, and math through participation in a sports-like science- and engineering-based robotics competition. Education Georgetown TX
Capitol DebateCapitol Debate s mission is to enhance academic competitive debate in K-12 and college level. Enhancing debate includes training, infrustructual design, sustainability consulting, and fundraising. Capitol Debate's ultimate mission is provide access to competitive debate in areas where it is limited. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Ellicott City MD
Capitol Hill Arts WorkshopMission: Building Community through the Arts. Vision: A Place where the Arts Connect and Transform People. Values: We believe: ? in discovering individual potential ? we can all both learn and teach ? everyone is valuable and deserves respect ? the arts create common ground ? the arts challenge ? the arts must be accessible. Arts and Humanities
Washington DC
Capitol Skating FundThe Capitol Skating Fund is a non-profit public organization whose purpose and resources are dedicated to creating programs designed to promote and strengthen education, development and training opportunities in the sport of figure skating in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. Health and Sports Chevy Chase MD
Cappalappa Family Resource CenterProtect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being. We promote mutual understand, friendship, and cooperation amongst all people. We develop, evaluate, and disseminate programs that foster ethical, social, and intellectual development while nurturing capacity to think skillfully and critically. We strive to deepen the communitiesí commitment to pro social values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal responsibility, and respect of others. Basic Needs and Human Services Overton NV
Caps For Kids, Inc.Caps For Kids is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to giving hats and scarves signed by athletes, entertainers and other notable personalities to children, adolescents and young adults with cancer when they lose their hair to chemotherapy. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
New Orleans LA
Capstone Adaptive Learning and Therapy Centers, Inc.We are dedicated to our mission to advance the independence for children and adults with a spectrum of abilities and disabilities. Basic Needs and Human Services Pensacola FL
Capstone The CKF and Capstone Fellowship our host church is a ministry designed to use martial arts to create opportunities for Christian leaders to both minister to Christians and to witness to non-believers and affect them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this ministry is to ultimately produce the fruit of the Spirit and Christ-likeness in all those involved. Religious San Pedro CA
CAPTAIN JASON DAHL SCHOLARSHIP FUNDCaptain of United Flight 93 on 9/11/2001, Jason Dahl represented the best in the aviation community. In 2002, the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund was established to provide two deserving aviation students a scholarship grant in Jasonís name. Originally available to students at Dahlís Alma Mater, San Jose State University and Metro State University in Denver where Dahl lived, the program has since been expanded to NATIONAL status, supported through corporate and individual donations alike. Education Littleton CO
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