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Kidz1stFundEstablished by Florida State University head football coach Jimbo Fisher and Candi Fisher after their younger son was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, Kidz1stFund raises awareness & research dollars to find a cure for this rare blood disease. Please join us in saying, "I FIGHT FANCONI." Visit for more information. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Tallahassee FL
KidZone Museum (Sierra Nevada Children's Museum)To inspire learning through creative play and discovery. Education Truckee CA
Kieth Wallace Memorial FundKieth Wallace Memorial Fund hosts 2 large charity functions each year. The first,, benefits Hephzibah House in Oak Park, IL. Hephzibah is a shelter for abused and neglected children. The second,, benefits Chicago area families who are currently battling cancer. The funds are to help offset costs while undergoing treatment. We believe in giving back to our community as much as possible. Basic Needs and Human Services Schaumburg IL
Kilauea Point Natural History AssociationThe purpose of the Kilauea Point Natural History Association is to promote better understanding, appreciation, and conservation of the natural history and environment of Kauai?s National Wildlife Refuges and native Hawaiian ecosystems by fostering educational, interpretive, and scientific activities and projects for the benefit of the public and the wildlife. Proceeds from this auction will be used for the restoration and maintenance of the historic Kilauea Point Lighthouse. Education
Environment and Protection of Animals
Kilauea HI
Kilimanjaro Children's ProjectOur mission is to provide early childhood education and sponsorship for continued learning for at-risk children in Northern Tanzania. The ultimate goal is to work with local communities to create resources to support the prolonged education of children as well as offer developmental tools for the parents and guardians of these children. International Los Angeles CA
Kilimanjaro Volunteer FoundationWe connect people with the Tanzanian people to bring love, life, and hope to those in poverty who have been abandoned, abused, and oppressed. We do this by: Creating relational connections between volunteers and formerly orphaned and abused kids, by coming along side three partner children's centers with projects to assist in achieving their missions and exceeding goals, and by operating a children's center which had been abandoned called the Happiness Home. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Rosevillle MN
Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc.To bring together people who are interested in the history of the Town of Killingly, CT. To collect and preserve materials relating to the town's history. Create interest in and provide materials for genealogy research. Civic and Public Benefit Danielson CT
Killuminati FoundationThe Killuminati Foundation is a local 501c3 non-profit that offers financial vet assistance for non-routine vet care and is licensed rescue in Missouri. APPROVED vet applications increased 933% in 2011 vs 2010. Killuminati is funded solely on fundraisers and donations. Environment and Protection of Animals Ozark MO
Kilos Bayanihan Inc.Kilos Bayanihan is dedicated to enriching the lives of families and communities throughout the Philippines by supporting positive change through charitable donations, feeding programs, educational funding and emergency assistance. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Las Vegas NV
KilowattOursKilowatt Ours empowers communities to improve America’s environment, health and economy by educating and inspiring people to conserve energy and choose renewable power. Our Vision is to: end to mountain top removal coal mining, demand for nuclear and coal are replaced by energy efficiency and green power, that Kilowatt Ours becomes a household name, widely known and trusted, and neighborhood model becomes widespread. Basic Needs and Human Services
Environment and Protection of Animals
Nashville TN
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