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Kokua Hawaii FoundationThe Kokua Hawai'i Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawai'i. Our mission is to provide students with experiences that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth. Environment and Protection of Animals San Fransisco CA
Kolodzei Art FoundationThe Kolodzei Art Foundation, Inc. promotes the contemporary art of Russia and the former Soviet Union. A US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1991, it arranges art exhibitions in museums, universities and cultural centers throughout the United States, Russia and Europe. The Kolodzei Art Foundation also arranges Russian-American cultural exchanges, publishes books on Russian art, grants financial stipends to artists, and provides supplies to artists. For more information visit Arts and Humanities Highland Park NJ
Kona-California ScholarshipAssist seniors from Big Island, Maui, Lanai, and Molokai high schools attending college in California Education Cardiff CA
Kootenai Humane SocietyTo focus all our efforts and resources toward directly benefiting the quality of life for all abandoned or mistreated pets with the ultimate goal of finding each one a loving household in which to share their lives. Education
Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
Hayden Lake ID
KOPN New Wave Corp.KOPN is a non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station operated by the non-profit New Wave Corporation, broadcasting to central Missouri. KOPN is committed to educating and enriching the lives of its membership and the community it serves, especially those otherwise under-represented in the commercial or other non-profit media sectors. KOPN is free from direct constraints of commercial, political, or religious interests. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Columbia MO
Korean Service CenterThe Korean Service Center dedicated to providing supportive resources and services to Koreans and other immigrant-Americans while striving to promote their rich cultural heritage for all international people. Arts and Humanities
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
St. Paul MN
Koshare Indian MuseumThrough the preservation and interpretation of Southwest and Plains tribal art and artifacts, the Koshare Indian Museum provides a practical educational experience to visitors and residents of all ages and offers a Scouting program aimed at enhancing the lives of youth through an appreciation for and interpretation of the arts, cultures, and dances of the Native Americans. Education
Arts and Humanities
Civic and Public Benefit
La Junta CO
Kosmos Ministries, Inc.Kosmos organizes and facilitates short-term missions to serve the poor and underprivileged of Nicaragua. Our purpose is to engage in activities that promote relief of the poor, the distressed, the underprivileged, the hungry, the homeless, and those marginalized by society. We provide for, and serve the poor and underprivileged regardless of race, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, etc. Basic Needs and Human Services Winder GA
Kossuth ConnectionsTo make Kossuth County a safe, healthy, crime and drug free place to work, live, and raise children. Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Algona IA
Kostopulos Dream FoundationTo improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or special medical needs through a variety of recreation and education experiences Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Salt Lake City UT
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