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Central American Resource Center-Los AngelesCARECEN (Central American Resource Center) is a community based nonprofit resource center that was founded in 1983 to help Central American refugees fleeing their war torn countries. Since then, our services and programs have expanded to include comprehensive legal services, consultations & representation, educational & arts programs, college prep workshops, parent & youth leadership, computer literacy, citizenship & ESL classes and is involved with improving school & education in local schools. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Los Angeles CA
Central Arizona Animal RescueCentral Arizona Animal Rescue serves the community by rescuing, caring for, rehabilitating and placing rescued animals with new owners that would otherwise be euthanized. We spay or neuter all animals that are adopted, ending the cycle of additional unwanted animals. We also promote yearly vaccinations of all animals which prevents disease and the possible destruction of sick animals. Environment and Protection of Animals Queen Creek AZ
Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals, Inc.CARE's mission is to conduct animal rescue by providing medical care and placing animals facing impending euthanasia into foster and permanent homes, to increase awareness for the need to sterilize pets to reduce overpopulation, to establish a mobile spay/neuter clinic, and to work with and advise animal shelters in Central Arkansas on animal-welfare issues. Civic and Public Benefit
Environment and Protection of Animals
Little Rock AR
Central Christian churchCentral Christian Church exists to: Connect people to God and to each other; Celebrate the God Who is and Who loves us; and Care for the church, the community and the world. Education
Central Coast Salmon EnhancementCentral Coast Salmon Enhancement is committed to help our community strengthen, protect, and understand our watersheds and their fisheries. Environment and Protection of Animals
Health and Sports
Lafayette CA
Central Downtown Food BasketOur Mission is to provide free wholesome and nutritious food to clients that are unable to maintain a constant supply of food in their household due to low or fixed income or homelessness. From our hands to their hands with dignity and respect. Basic Needs and Human Services Sacramento CA
Central Florida Athletes in Action, IncCentral Florida Athletes in Action, Inc is a nonprofit, 501c3 formed in 2015. Our mission is to provide opportunities for youth in Central Florida areas to develop skills to play baseball in high school, scouting events and earn scholarships to college. Our program serves players ages 10 - 18 and includes camps, clinics, seminars and our competitive CFAA Bulldawgs' Baseball Teams. Health and Sports Lake Mary FL
Central Florida Cross NetworkWe are a growing faith based network of churches, schools and social ministries with the shared mission of bringing Jesus to everyone by meeting the needs of the community and growing the faith of all who believe. Basic Needs and Human Services
Lake Mary FL
Central High School FoundationThe St. Paul Central HS Foundation was created by alumni to support current Central students. The Board is made up of alumni and parents who do all of the Foundation's work as volunteers. All funds go to Central students for scholarships to post-secondary institutions or the Principal's Fund. In 2015, 22 students received scholarships and dollars given to the Principal's fund supported extra-curricular activities for students who could not afford to do so. Education Saint Paul MN
Central Illinois Sheltie RescueCentral Illinois Sheltie Rescue is a non profit, State Licensed, ALL Volunteer organization that helps homeless or abandoned Shetland Sheepdogs.........also known as "Shelties". We will take in any Sheltie that needs us, and give it the medical care or training it needs. We are funded solely by your donations. Environment and Protection of Animals Towanda IL
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