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Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Cape Arrowhead, IncImproving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Poplar Bluff MO
Cape Cod Academy, Inc.The pursuit of academic excellence and the development of life skills in a safe and values-centered environment. Education Osterville MA
Cape Cod Chabad Lubavitch, IncTo ensure Jewish continuity, Chabad of Cape Cod is dedicated to promoting Jewish awareness, values, and pride through educational classes, programs, and Holiday events at which all are welcome. As part of the network of 2,600 centers worldwide, we strive to revitalize Jewish life and the observance of traditions. We stand ready to assist all who are in need through our social service programs. Religious Hyannis MA
Cape Fear Literacy CouncilTo provide individualized literacy services for adults in the Cape Fear area so they can reach their goals & develop their potential on the job, for their children and families, in their communities, and for themselves. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Wilmington NC
Cape Fear Volunteer CenterThe mission of the Cape Fear Volunteer Center is to build and maintain an organization capable of meeting the needs of the non-profit community. We will provide trained volunteers, resources and processes that stimulate effective solutions for the New Hanover County area. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
WIlmington NC
Cape May Maritime Museum and Education Center, IncThe mission of the Museum is to create a greater appreciation and preservation of this treasure through educational programs in collaboration with local mariners and marine scientists. We plan to purchase, collect, restore and exhibit artifacts having to do with past and present maritime activities of Cape May. Civic and Public Benefit
Cape May NJ
Cape-Atlantic C.A.T.S. (Citizens Altering The Strays)Our mission is to rescue cats and kittens in danger of losing their lives in shelters and on the streets, provide necessary vet care, foster homes, and socializing when necessary. We promote and assist with Trap-Neuter-Release as an alternative to euthanasia. Our ultimate goal is to find caring homes for the continuing flow of cats and kittens housed in our free-roaming "suites", which are open to the public 7 days a week in downtown Ocean City, NJ. Environment and Protection of Animals Ocean City NJ
Capistrano Valley ChurchReaching the world for Christ Religious San Juan Capistrano CA
Capital Area Animal Welfare SocietyMission Statement The Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) is a non-profit organization committed to the well-being of animals in the Baton Rouge community by providing, facilitating, and promoting spay/neuter, adopting or facilitating the adoption of homeless animals, and teaching the community responsible companion animal ownership and the humane treatment of animals. Environment and Protection of Animals Baton Rouge LA
Capital Area CASA AssociationThe CASA program recruits, trains and supervises community volunteers to speak up for abused and neglected children and advocate for their timely placement into safe and permanent homes. Basic Needs and Human Services Baton Rouge LA
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