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Gainesville Pet Rescue, Inc.Saving the lives of unwanted animals and promoting responsible pet ownership through adoptions, spay/neuter and education. Environment and Protection of Animals Gainesville FL
GALA, Inc.Our mission is to support and showcase the work of emerging artists, photographers, designers and film-makers with the aim to reach open-minded people ready for fresh ideas and new names. Our current project 'BE CURIOUS' is a cultural exchange program involving numerous colleges in the United States and Russia that will result in a crowdsourced documentary created to explore the cultures and lifestyles of the Millennial generations of the two countries. Arts and Humanities
Calabasas CA
Galapagos Preservation SocietyWe humanely remove and re-home dogs and cats who, abandoned by humans, often prey upon native wildlife. We work on public outreach campaigns and education programs to raise awareness about humane treatment of dogs and cats and the threat they pose to wildlife when left to roam. We also work to investigate and expose the trade in dogs and cats and educate people on the threats these animals pose to vulnerable island environments and endangered animals. Environment and Protection of Animals Friday Harbor WA
Galaxy Counseling CenterTo transform lives and families through diverse counseling solutions, education and community outreach. Health and Sports
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Garland TX
Galaxy of Universal Potentials CorporationGalaxy Of Universal Potentials (GO-Up) Corporation is a 501(C)(3) Educational Public Charity. We believe education is a right and not a privilege; it should be accessible to all. The mission is Building The Future, Brick by Brick. GO-UP current project is Building a groundbreaking primary school in DR Congo to serve over 200 illiterate children in Ntambo and surrounding villages.GO-UP is providing a ladder to climb out of poverty into the world of opportunities. Everyone deserves a good life. International
Basic Needs and Human Services
Timonium MD
Galena - Jo Daviess County Historical Society & MuseumThe Society, shall throught its collection, Museum, and other resources, educate and culturally enrich the public about the history and material culture of Galena, Jo Daviess County, and the Upper Mississippi River Lead Mine District of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Education
Arts and Humanities
Galena IL
Gales Creek Camp FoundationThe Gales Creek Camp Foundation is dedicated to providing camp experiences for children, youth, and families directly affected by diabetes. We are committed to fostering their transition toward independence by inegrating the management of diabetes with social and life skills. Basic Needs and Human Services Portland OR
Galgo Rescue International NetworkThe Galgo Rescue International Network was founded to establish a relationship between the galgo shelters in Spain and animal lovers in the United States and around the world. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of the plight of the Spanish Galgo through international information campaigns. We will also serve as an adoption agency for galgos rehomed in the United States, and will provide assistance to the Spanish shelters whenever possible. Environment and Protection of Animals
Wellington CO
Galilee Bible Camp IncGalilee Bible Camp's goal is to spread the word of Jesus Christ through summer camping, retreats, and school programs. Religious La Follette TN
Galilee Institute for Human DevelopmentThe Galilee Institute for Human Development is an organization designed to provide growth and development to participants. We do this by offering individual and group therapy. All services are structured to bring solidarity to South Carolina citizens from all social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. The organization establishes relationships that will aid in peer services with partnering organizations by offering physical fitness, nutritional services, job training, and educational support andempowermen Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Orangeburg SC
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