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597 nonprofits found for "D".

Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Los AngelesDepression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Los Angeles is a not-for-profit support group for people who suffer from mood disorders. We offer the community a safe environment to speak about their illnesses. Together we try to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders. Basic Needs and Human Services Los Angeles CA
Depression, Bipolar & OCD Information CentersDedicated to improving the lives of those with depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, social anxiety, and other disorders through education, information centers, websites and guidebooks. Health and Sports Madison WI
DERA Disaster Resource CenterDisaster preparedness, response, recovery and education since 1962. We help communities and families prepare for emergencies and sponsor disaster communications, response and relief teams. Civic and Public Benefit
Longmont CO
Derrick Wagner FoundationThe Foundation was founded in memory of Derrick Wagner who was killed in 1990 by a "hit & run" who was never identified or brought to trial. Funds are used for students who are in need of financial aid to attend Palm Beach State College. As a result of the foundations' efforts, Former Florida Governor Lawton Chiles signed the "Derrick Dean Wagner Law," in May, 1997, which amended the Felony Murder Statutes to include "hit and run," making it a first-degree felony with no Statute of Limitations. Education Palm Beach Gardens FL
Des Moines Area Food BankWe provide emergency food assistance to any person in need in our community. Basic Needs and Human Services Des Moines WA
Des Moines I Have a Dream FoundationThe Des Moines ?I Have a Dream? Foundation motivates and empowers children from low-income communities to reach their education and career goals by providing a long-term program of mentoring, tutoring and enrichment as well as tuition assistance for higher education. Education Des Moines IA
DeSales UniversityDeSales University provides men & women with quality higher education according to the philosophy of Christian humanism as developed by St Francis de Sales & his spiritual heirs. The University imparts knowledge about, and develops talents for, personal, familial & societal living. DeSales enriches the human community & enhances the dignity of the individual through its educational endeavors. In its work, the University fosters a vital and respectful dialogue between Roman Catholic faith & human culture. Education Center Valley PA
Desana IncTo improve or enrich the lives of extremely poor children anywhere in the world. 100% of all donations go to the Desana Projects. All Operating Expenses are paid by the Board of Directors. Desana has 12 Projects in 3 Countries. Please Help. Basic Needs and Human Services Shelbyville TN
DESC (formerly Downtown Emergency Service Center)Women are the most vulnerable of the homeless population that dot our city streets. DESC is an internationally renowned nonprofit provider of housing, shelter and support services for homeless adults. Through our innovative programs, we successfully help vulnerable women reclaim their lives and reconnect with family and community. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Seattle WA
Deschutes Public Library FoundationThe Deschutes Public Library Foundation was founded by forward-thinking community members in 1993 to provide dependable, sustainable funding that supports and enhances library programs and outreach services that are not funded through taxes. The Foundation raises and manages funds to ensure world-class library programs that reach and serve all people in Deschutes County. Community support provides the margin of excellence that makes our libraries outstanding. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Bend OR
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