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New Jersey State Museum FoundationFounded in 1968, the New Jersey State Museum Foundation supports the educational programs, collections and exhibitions for the New Jersey State Museum through fundraising, volunteerism and advocacy. The New Jersey State Museum is a center of cultural, educational, and scientific engagement and inspires innovation and lifelong learning through collections, research, exhibitions and programs in science, history and art. Arts and Humanities
Trenton NJ
New Jersey Tree FoundationThe NJ Tree Foundation improves quality of life by increasing New Jersey's tree canopy. We partner with urban residents, schools, community organizations, local governments, and more to transform streets by planting trees that stand an average of 10 feet tall at the time of planting. Trees improve urban environments and bring people together to enjoy nature. The NJ Tree Foundation also trains/hires men under parole supervision to plant trees and complete green infrastructure installments. Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
Jackson NJ
New Jersey Youth TheatreNew Jersey Youth Theatre, founded in 1991, professionally trains young talent in the performing arts, and produces live theatre featuring professional and emerging talent in professionally staged classics, lesser-known significant works and new works for the cultural enrichment and entertainment of audiences throughout New Jersey. It is recognized today not only as one of the most critically acclaimed youth-theatre companies in the state, but also as a major training ground for young talent. Arts and Humanities Westfield NJ
New Leaf Behavioral HealthNLBH is a nonprofit mental health organization that provides therapeutic services to make help affordable and accessible to those in need. Mental health issues affect all aspects of a one's life. Our approach of prevention and early intervention reduces the need for long-term help and minimizes later problems. Aspects of our services: Free preventative initiatives with children, early identification, affordable clinical services, Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Raleigh NC
New Leash On Life USANew Leash On Life USA is a nonprofit dog-training program that transforms abandoned, unwanted shelter dogs and prison inmates by bringing them together 24/7 inside the correctional facility. Inmates become expert dog trainers, shelter dogs become highly adoptable and everyone, including correctional officers, experiences positive reinforcement and growth from the caring partnerships they create together. Scholarships are offered to deserving inmates for further animal care education upon release. Civic and Public Benefit Penn Valley PA
New Life Community Outreach, Inc.NLCO provides a 15 week parenting program for young single mothers that takes a wholistic approach towards their human development. We consider the whole person; emotional, social, and spiritual nature of each single mother. We seek to develop the full potential of the single mother to create a better quality of life for their child(ren). Our program is based on family values to develop a well-balanced and healthy mother who will become productive contributors in their communities. Civic and Public Benefit
Hyattsville MD
New Life Individual and Family ServicesOur organization strives to prevent property and and develop emotional stability though the companionship of animals. Civic and Public Benefit Plano TX
New Life Network, Inc.New Life Network is a Christian ministry serving as Chaplains to major corporations. We are speakers for, and set up a Christian bookstore at business events and help coordinate voluntary church services at these functions. We support overseas missions, humanitarian aid, and the ministry to victims of abuse, addictions and/or sex trafficking. We assist other large ministries by helping new believers find good local church homes. We also author books, articles and publish a daily devotional free of charge. Religious Albany GA
New Life Village, Inc.The mission of New Life Village is to facilitate the ADOPTION of foster children and to support ADOPTIVE PARENTS within an inter-generational community. Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Tampa FL
New Mexico Film FoundationThe mission of the New Mexico Film Foundation is to help grow the independent film industry in New Mexico while providing financial assistance and educational opportunity to New Mexico independent filmmakers Arts and Humanities
Santa Fe NM
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