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Dedham Food PantryThe Dedham Food Pantry is a not for profit, non-denominational, and non-political run entirely by volunteers and funded entirely by contributions. Established in 1990 with the mission of ending hunger in the community of Dedham, Massachusetts. Basic Needs and Human Services Dedham MA
Dee's Haven, Inc.To take in unwanted, neglected, abused parrots and give them a chance at a loving, thriving and fulfilling home. To rehabilitate parrots that can be rehabilitated and place them in permanent homes or to provide a permanent, home to any parrot that is unsuitable for adoption. Provide education and educational resources for all parrot owners and potential owners, including diet, care and other requirements. Environment and Protection of Animals Lexington GA
Deeds of Love, Inc,The mission of Deeds of Love is to assist orphanages and other children?s organizations, primarily in impoverished countries, by providing the essential elements of food, clothing, shelter, education and basic medical care. Basic Needs and Human Services
Isabela PR
DEEMIThe mission of DEEMI is to develop with ethics and integrity, systems that will save lives. Through education and training, and using Federal surplus military equipment, to encourage the spirit of volunteerism, and to facilitate the saving of lives in the State of Maine Civic and Public Benefit Orono ME
Deep Space Exploration Society, Inc.The Deep Space Exploration Society, Inc. is a Colorado and Federal 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that exists to foster the exploration and understanding of space by preparing students, members and the public to participate in that exploration. We facilitate experiments and study designed to expand our knowledge of space and execute ground based missions designed to support those experiments. Education Longmont CO
Deeper MissionsWe help improve schools and communities in Africa by implementing clean water, safe sanitation and solar electricity projects. Through sustained partnerships, schools have a healthier environment for staff and students, and the ability to generate income using renewable energy and other capabilities to help offset operating costs. Environment and Protection of Animals
Fairfax VA
Deeper MissionsWe are passionate about impacting lives through meaningful travel and implementing sustainability projects creating clean energy, water and sanitation. We supply materials and provide on-the-ground services which improve the education and livelihood of the people of West Africa. International Burke VA
Deer Grove ChurchTo know Christ and to make Him known... ...and to Live BIG! Living out our Belief In God Religious Inverness IL
Deer Park Fifth Grade CommitteeWe will strive to make the final year at Deer Park Elementary a memorable time for all fifth graders through a variety of fun learning experiences and meaningful rewards. In addition we will do our best to improve our school and the greater community with environmental programs that promote Education Tampa FL
Deer River White Oak Society Inc.We are a non-profit organization providing living history interpretations of the fur trade era within the Great Lakes region. We operate The White Oak Learning Centre & White Oak Fur Post near Deer River, Minnesota. Our goal is to research and host educational workshops, history festivals, and other events using the Living History medium with a hands-on experience of the past. We strive to re-create the periods of history in as authentic a manner as we are capable and to constantly improve and expand. Arts and Humanities
Civic and Public Benefit
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