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Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc.Mission Statement: Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is focused on saving abused, neglected, homeless animals. We are dedicated to healing and rehabilitating canines who have suffered from emotional abuse helping them become adoptable. We are a no kill organization that promotes spay and neuter to make a difference in the over pet population of canines and felines. We promote programs that connect animals with people. Environment and Protection of Animals Sedona AZ
Red Sky RescueWe rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned dogs, exploring every resource in finding loving homes, and work to promote early spay/neuter of family pets in our community Environment and Protection of Animals Medora IN
Red Thread International, Inc.Red Thread International is a non-profit social enterprise that works to unite Fashion & Philanthropy in order to raise awareness and resources for charitable mission by creating an innovative shop for a cause where consumers can use their purchasing power to make a difference. All 100% proceeds of Red Thread sales are directed to develop and assist local or international missions and charities that are working to help women and children in need. Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Thousand Oaks CA
Red White Blue CDCWe Strive to Help Our Local American Heroes and their Families through our non-profit secondhand store and Food Pantry. We have started 'No Soldier's Pantry goes Empty", "Recycle for our Vets" and "Hire a Hero", and Numerous other programs. We believe that we should Honor and Serve those who Serve our Country both overseas and here in America!!! Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Lake Hughes CA
Red-tail Conservancy, Inc.RTC preserves, protects, and restores natural areas and farm land in east central Indiana while increasing awareness of our natural heritage. Civic and Public Benefit
Environment and Protection of Animals
Muncie IN
RedbirdPromoting the Awareness and Celebration of Indigenous Cultures and People and Creating a Sustainable Future Basic Needs and Human Services Simi Valley CA
Redeem-HerWe are a group of women completely committed to staying free - free from addiction and free from incarceration. We help other women to make and maintain the same decision. Basic Needs and Human Services Point Pleasant Beach NJ
Redeemed Worship Center ChurchThe mission of Redeemed Worship Center Church is to equip people with the Word of God, teach the Word without compromise and prepare believers for the work of the Kingdom. Religious Philadelphia PA
Redeemer Lutheran ChurchRedeemer Lutheran Church proclaims Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and the Bible as God's true Word. With passion from our hearts through the Holy Spirit, we plant seeds of Faith to make disciples of all people. Saved by God's grace, we strive to be like Jesus Christ, united through Him in fellowship with one another and growing as the Holy Spirit leads us. Religious Cuyahoga Falls OH
Redeemer Lutheran Church - WoodstockEncircled by God's care, Redeemer invites people to know God's love, equips them with Christ's power, and sends them with the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Woodstock IL
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