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We Are The FutureThe objective of the "We are the Future" program is to set up youth (WAF) centers for children living in conflict areas and across the developing world, while building global city-to-city networks to support these centers. The "We are the Future" or WAF centers will provide opportunities and services for children in the areas of health, nutrition and education. International Burbank CA
We Can Pediatric Brain Tumor NetworkWe Can brings together families of children diagnosed with brain tumors in order to share information and personal stories, allowing young patients, their siblings and parents to nurture and empower one another to face treatment, recovery, long-term survival, end-of-life issues or bereavement. Our programs include parent-to-parent mentoring, family camps, hospital and clinic visits, Kidshops for patients and their siblings, teen and young adult group activities and parent education and support meetings. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Granada Hills CA
We Care Animal RescueWe Care Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization established in 1982. Our shelter abides by a "no-kill" philosophy" and serves as a refuge for homeless cats and dogs in the Napa Valley. We foster and promote the general welfare of animals by caring for homeless cats and dogs, finding homes for them and educating the public on animal welfare in the Napa Valley. We are funded entirely by private donations and fundraising efforts. Environment and Protection of Animals Saint Helena CA
WE CARE Personal Services, Inc.A Non-profit Program serving the Santa Clara County since 1979 "Our goal is to allow individuals to live independently as long as possible." We specialize in homemaker services, helping the elderly and disabled community. Basic Needs and Human Services San Jose CA
We Care SolarWE CARE promotes safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by providing health workers with reliable lighting, blood bank refrigeration and mobile communication using solar electricity. Health and Sports Berkeley CA
We InspireWe Inspire's purpose is to promote education in efforts to lessen poverty through advancing literacy, scouting out educational resources, and providing mentorship. Education Brandon MS
We Love Chinese CrestedsWLCCAR's mission is to rescue, re-home and prevent the needless euthanization of healthy dogs due to overburdening of shelters and humane societies. Environment and Protection of Animals New Market AL
We Promise FoundationOur Mission: "To put a smile on a child's face by making their dreams come true." The We Promise Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to making dreams come true for children who struggle with severe illnesses and tremendous hardship. The Foundation is only successful through the generosity of individuals and corporate donors, as well as the care and consideration of its volunteers who help us deliver our mission. Basic Needs and Human Services Virginia Beach VA
We R OneThe We R One Non-Profit Organization?s Mission is to Educate and Assist in Supporting the Men and Women of Our United States Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and First Responder Community, Paid and Volunteer. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Carteret NJ
We See Jesus MinistriesWe See Jesus Ministries is an itinerant ministry based in NJ. However, WSJM has ongoing efforts to help the international community through providing clean water to countries such as Haiti and Dominican Republic and other projects. Some other projects include mattresses for an orphanage, a motor bike for a taxi business, providing rice to the poor and helping women get off the streets in Brazil. Check out what we do at Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Little Ferry NJ
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