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Nahant Village ChurchNahant Village Church is a caring & inclusive faith community NE of Boston, set on a peninsula two miles out into the Atlantic. As a union of Protestant churches, now affiliated with the UCC - the United Church of Christ - members have diverse denominational backgrounds, with a shared love of informal worship, sacred music, fellowship, community outreach, and Christian Education. Our Victorian Gothic church was dedicated in 1869, & is the oldest public building in continuous use in Nahant. Basic Needs and Human Services
Nahant MA
Nai-Ni Chen Dance CompanyTo create innovative, cross-cultural dances and to strive to maintain a world class dance company that promotes global understanding. Arts and Humanities Fort Lee NJ
NAIDW-National Association of Injured & Disabled WorkersThe National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers is a nationally recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational and humanitarian organization founded on first hand life experiences and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of injured & disabled workers by providing unlimited resources, support, guidance and grant-based financial aid to injured & disabled workers and their families! Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Fox Lake IL
Nair Service SocietyNair Service Society is a non-political, non-profit, religious, cultural, and charitable organization in order to enhance social and cultural life based on the traditional ways of life and values of the NAIR community, and to assist people in need by arranging family and marriage counseling, child welfare, child guidance, aging service and emergency financial assistance. Promote women and youth activities to develop leadership qualities.Provide intellectual and economic assistance to the needy. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Santa Clara CA
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of FameThe Basketball Hall of Fame is the premier global institution that educates and entertains by recognizing, honoring, and promoting the highest level of achievement within each facet of the game of basketball. Health and Sports
Civic and Public Benefit
Springfield MA
Nakashima Foundation For Peace1.The purposes of the Foundation are as follows: (a)To be organized for non-profit, charitable and educational purposes, namely to (i) Create Altars/Tables and environments for the purpose of furthering World Peace (ii)Initiate programs and general educational materials encouraging ways to peace from individual meditation through conflict resolution on the global level Civic and Public Benefit
New Hope PA
Nakba Museum Project of Memory and HopeThe Nakba Museum Project of Memory and Hope is the first of its kind to tell the Palestinian refugee story to a mass audience through art, photography, video, and performance. International
Arts and Humanities
University Park MD
Naked K9 and Small Dog RescueWe are a group of like minded volunteers who came together through our mutual admiration of the Chinese Crested breed of dogs. Our goal is to help Chinese Cresteds and other small breed dogs (naked or not) in need find new homes. Environment and Protection of Animals Erie MI
Naked Whale ResearchNaked Whale Research (NaWhaRe) encourages individuals and marine researchers alike to actively take part in helping create public awareness concerning threats to the long-term survival of the Endangered Southern Resident killer whales, known as J, K, and L pods that frequent waters off the coastal Northwest. Environment and Protection of Animals Crescent Mills CA
Naljor Prison Dharma Service / SourcePoint Global OutreachPlease know that your purchase greatly assists Naljor Prison Dharma Service / SourcePoint Global Outreach, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our organization provides teachings of compassion and nonviolence to men and women in prison throughout the United States. In addition, we provide solar powered flashlights to villages without electricity in developing countries. Basic Needs and Human Services
Mount Shasta CA
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