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Yankton Homeless Shelter, INC.The purpose of the Yankton Homeless Shelter is to serve the immediate needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness within the Yankton area while engaging partners in developing long term solutions. The shelter was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a home. The Yankton Homeless Shelter provides emergency shelter, rent and deposit assistance, furniture, household items, and other services to those attempting to re-stabilize their lives and start over. Basic Needs and Human Services Yankton SD
Yaqui Animal RescueThe Yaqui Animal Rescue is a no-kill, non-profit organization, located on an 80 acre ranch in South Texas. We currently have over 200 animals. Cats & dogs are our largest amount of rescues, but we are one of the few in this area that also take in rabbits, horses, pigs, donkeys, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and more. They are all fully vetted. Our main goal is to get them into loving, forever homes. Any that are not adoptable can live out their lives, happy & safe, at the ranch. We depend on donations. Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
Mission TX
Yates Fund for Cancer HopeProvide funding to organizations that provide cancer screening tests and cancer support services to people with little or no health insurance Basic Needs and Human Services Sewickley PA
Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal CommunityTo promote the foundational, enduring, and joyful principals of Judaism and to enable our members to develop a relationship with the Divine. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Raleigh NC
Yawari FoundationThe Yawari Foundation is an international education non-profit organization. We believe no child should grow up without the opportunity to achieve a quality education. We work with locals to build schools and create lasting educational programs. Education Chicago IL
YDI Foundation, IncThe YDI Foundation support's Youth Development, Inc. (YDI) mission of "Helping Children, Youth and Families Achieve Their Full Potential". The foundation solicits gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundation. as well as coordinates various annual special events. YDI Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit 509(a)(3) organization that is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Albuquerque NM
Yedidya Center for Jewish Spiritual DirectionThe Yedidya Center for Jewish Spiritual Direction is dedicated to the development of the emerging practice of spiritual direction in the North American Jewish Community. Our work is a process of tikkun (repair, restoration) that brings Jews back to the spiritual dimensions of our tradition from which, for historical and cultural reasons, many Jews have been alienated. Spiritual direction supports the deepening of Jewish identity and adult learning through the spiritual lens. Education
Redwood city CA
Yellow Circle IncYellow Circle is a nonprofit organization with mission to provide a free-to-use information technology platform for students to learn about the capabilities of cloud computing and IT infrastructures. This platform promotes increased learning by allowing students to apply their newly learned IT theories to create real world IT infrastructures in a non-production environment without having to worry about associated expenses. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Elk Grove CA
Yellow Key Art CenterYellow Key Art Center will be the only full day program in the creative arts for people with special needs in the Knoxville, TN area. Teaching artists will work side by side with participants to design, create, and market projects while providing quality visual and performing art education. Community inclusion and raising self esteem by mastering various skills are at the forefront of our mission. Education
Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Indianapolos IN
Yellow Ribbon InternationalYellow Ribbon International and the Light For Life Foundation International are dedicated to saving lives through the use of the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program to prevent suicide with education and awareness for all ages. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Westminster CO
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