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Water4Life Ministry IncWater4LifeMinistry is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry who loves God and has an important mission to save lives, by providing safe drinking water to impoverished people around the world. Basic Needs and Human Services
Spring Valley CA
WaterAid AmericaCurrently, more than 650 million people live without safe water and 2.3 billion lack access to basic sanitation. WaterAid brings 30+ years of expertise to communities that need the 'know-how' and simple, low-cost equipment to set-up, operate and maintain their water and sanitation systems for the long-term. Basic Needs and Human Services New York NY
Waterbrook Ministries, NFP dba Deer Ridge MinistriesEstablished in 2003, our mission is to provide sabbath rest retreats for pastors and their spouses in full time ministry. We are a non denominational entity which provides five day rest retreats at no cost to our guests. More information may be found at our web site: Religious Polo IL
WaterEmpowermentWater scarcity is a great threat to development because it affects human health, food security, and the natural environment. Women and girls are affected most when water is scarce as they are tasked with finding this precious resource daily. Water Empowerment aims to empower communities lacking water by offering long term solutions. International Timonium MD
Waterfront Rescue Mission, Inc.Following Jesus ... Serving the Homeless Religious Pensacola FL
WaterhopeWater Hope is a non-profit foundation bringing clean water to those without it. All public donation go directly to our projects and are 100% tax deductible. International
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Watering EarthWe believe in a world where everyone has access to safe clean water and sanitation, and work to serve those who have none. Basic Needs and Human Services Grand Rapids MI
Waterkeeper AllianceWaterkeeper Alliance Is The World's Fastest Growing Environmental Organization, With More Than 200 Local Waterkeepers Patrolling Rivers, Lakes And Coastal Waterways On Six Continents. Environment and Protection of Animals New York NY
Waterloo-Cedar Falls SymphonyThe mission of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony is to enrich, entertain and educate audiences by presenting symphonic performances of the highest quality. Arts and Humanities Cedar Falls IA
Waterman Communities Foundation IncMission Statement The mission of Waterman Communities Foundation, Inc. is to create a legacy that will enhance the quality of empowering care and services provided to the residents, patients, staff and community, by securing financial support and recruiting individuals to make a financial commitment to our Foundation. Basic Needs and Human Services Mount Dora FL
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