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Kicks For Kids, Inc.Founded in 1995, Kicks For Kids' mission is to level the playing field for local children at risk -- youth in Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Greater Cincinnati who are challenged physically, mentally and/or by their environment. The primary goal of KFK, therefore, is to provide these kids with opportunities that most children take for granted. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Covington KY
KICKSTART KIDSKICKSTART KIDS is a revolutionary program with an overall mission to change and save children's lives by building strong moral character in our youth through the martial arts. Education
Health and Sports
Houston TX
Kid One TransportTo transport children and expectant mothers, with limited or no transportation, to medical care. Basic Needs and Human Services Hoover AL
Kid Power-DC, Inc.Kid Power-DC is a community youth organization working to explore the history of the District of Columbia. We believe that by making a personal connection to the past and by acquiring advanced academic and artistic skills, at-risk youth can become powerful neighborhood advocates. Through this educational process, our students will gain the independence to direct the course of our mission and promote positive social change. Education Washington DC
Kid's Bible Clubs Minisrties, Inc.We provide "at-risk" children with a Christ-centered, spiritual foundation. Although our primary focus is salvation and spiritual guidance, we also assist with meeting physical and material needs of the children and their families, who have limited social and economic opportunities. We believe we have eternal hope to offer these children in Jesus Christ and with God’s help, we can give them a sense of dignity, self esteem and they can be successful despite their living conditions. Religious
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Woodstock GA
KidangoKidango inspires all children and their families by promoting their potential and diversity through quality education and nurturing relationships. Our mission is to provide quality child care and child development services to children and support services to their families. Basic Needs and Human Services
Fremont CA
KidCare InternationalThe Mission of KidCare International, a relationship-based, humanitarian aid organization, is to equip and empower desperately disadvantaged children to lead lives of purpose, service and leadership through sustainable programs and strategic partnerships. Basic Needs and Human Services Claremont CA
Kidney & Urology Foundation of AmericaThe Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, Inc., is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people avoid the debilitating effects of kidney and urologic diseases. The Foundation aggressively focuses on kidney and urologic research to nurture the development of new therapies and to make new treatments more accessible to people in need. Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
New York NY
Kidney Cancer AssociationThe Association strives for a world without kidney cancer. We fund kidney cancer research and help cancer patients through patient meetings, information and advocacy. Health and Sports Evanston IL
Kidney FriendsOur mission is to support the promotion of research, education, treatment and cure of kidney disease and organ donation and awareness in Hawaii. Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
Honolulu HI
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