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Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Keweenaw Krayons, Inc.To provide children, adults and senior citizens with the opportunity to explore their creative and artistic talents in a safe, mentoring, intergenerational environment and to introduce them to the world of marketing their talents. Education
Arts and Humanities
Civic and Public Benefit
Mohawk MI
KEXPTo enrich people's lives by creating meaningful experiences culturally through the discovery, cultivation, curation and programming of multi-genre music, as well as through the development and application of technology to extend and deepen each listener's experience, spawning a global music community without boundaries. Arts and Humanities Seattle WA
Key for ColombiaOur mission is to provide solutions to today's social problems facing children of families displaced by the ongoing armed conflict throughout Colombia. International Miami FL
Key West Film Society, Inc.The Key West Film Society, Inc., operates the Tropic Cinema in downtown Key West, a twin-screen art movie house and community center. All contributions go to help the work of the Film Society, with emphasis on its educational programs and support of local filmmakers. Arts and Humanities
Civic and Public Benefit
Key West FL
KEYS (Kids Educational Youth Services) Corp.KEYS is a children's music charity that brings hope and inspiration to children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses through the magical healing power of music! Since 1994, KEYS has been capturing the minds, hearts and imaginations of children at camps and special needs sites across the USA. Arts and Humanities
Sherrill NY
Keys for Kids CorporationOrganization of local and nationwide reclamation and recycling programs to prevent these valuable items ( keys and other semi precious metals ) from ending up in landfills and applying the proceeds to help children. Education Sheffield Lake OH
Keys for Kids MinistriesAn international Christian ministry based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Keys for Kids Ministries produces and distributes excellent media resources to evangelize and disciple kids and their families. Religious Grand Rapids MI
KEYS for the Homeless Foundation, Inc.We procure no-longer goods and supplies from the hospitality industry and provide these items, at no cost, to those living in poverty. We accomplish this trhough th egenerosity of contributors, th ehard work of our volunteers and our relationship with homeless shelters, transitional housing organizations, and other groups who provide servcies to children and adults to meet their basic living needs. Basic Needs and Human Services Annandale VA
Keystone Community ChurchKeystone exists to encourage friends in their spiritual journey with Christ. Religious Ada MI
Keystone Enrichment FoundationThe Foundations' Mission is to enrich the quality of and exposure to education, the arts, and athletics in our remote, rural community to elevate the quality of life through opportunity and exposure. Arts and Humanities
Health and Sports
Sandy Valley NV
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