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TEEN LINE - Center for the Study of Young PeopleTo help adolescents address their problems through a confidential peer hotline and community outreach program Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Los Angeles CA
Teen Mission, USA, IncTeen Mission, USA, is a missions and youth ministry of the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. We organize Religious Lexington KY
Teen Mom Education FoundationOur mission is to lead teen moms toward a successful future of independent living and away from financial burdens, dependence on government assistance, and the emotional stress of not knowing how they will feed their child that next meal. Education Crystal River FL
TEEN WITH A DREAMOur Mission Teen With a Dream™ is a 501 (c) (3) charity founded specifically to enrich the lives of pediatric cancer patients—and the lives of their families—by combating the effects of social isolation and loneliness during chemotherapy through specialized social, educational, and financial programs. Health and Sports Parker CO
TeenAIDS Peer-CorpsIt is the human right of every maturing adolescent to have full and honest access to the medical facts of HIV/AIDS prevention. Censorship of the biological information is counter-productive because it leads to more transmission of teen HIV and premature death by AIDS. We tell teens the medical truth and empower them to tell their friends. Education Fitchburg MA
TeenCentral.Net/KidsPeaceA unique, personalized, anonymous and safe Internet resource to help kids face and overcome crises and life's daily challenges. Basic Needs and Human Services Orefield PA
Teens AloneTeens Alone is a non-profit, community based organization that provides free crisis, counseling, and referral services to youth and families in partnership with five school districts and their communities in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Basic Needs and Human Services Hopkins MN
Teens For ChristTeens For Christ is dedicated to reaching teens with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping them grow in the Lord, and guiding them as disciples for Jesus. We do this through weekly Bible clubs, monthly rallies, Bible Quizzing, Mission Trips and more. Religious Hudson WI
Teens Opposing PovertyWe empower youth to meet physical needs and and offer hope, friendship, and encouragement to the poor and homeless. Civic and Public Benefit Berryville VA
Teens Path to Success FoundationWe are dedicated to improving the lives of teens experiencing psychological, educational, medical and family difficulties. The Teens Path to Success Foundation is grounded in the belief that education and support will make the difference between a life of struggle and a life of success. Health and Sports Huntsville AL
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