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Teens Path to Success FoundationWe are dedicated to improving the lives of teens experiencing psychological, educational, medical and family difficulties. The Teens Path to Success Foundation is grounded in the belief that education and support will make the difference between a life of struggle and a life of success. Health and Sports Huntsville AL
Tehachapi Humane SocietyThe Tehachapi Humane Society is a non profit privately funded corporation operating for the purpose of promoting animal welfare through leadership, education and action through the following programs: low cost spay/neuter, lost and found, adoption programs, and community education programs. Basic Needs and Human Services
Environment and Protection of Animals
Tehachapi CA
Tejas Rescued Pet AdoptionsHelp Us Help Homeless Pets!
We are a small 501c3 consisting entirely of dedicated volunteers. TRPA is an all breed adoption organization. We also actively participate in Chow Chow rescue and adoption placement. TRPA operates entirely through the use of private foster homes. We take the necessary steps to make a rescued animal ready for adoption into a loving home. All vaccinations and veterinary care are provided prior to the adoption along with spay and neuter services.
Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
San Antonio TX
TelecomPioneersOur Mission: TelecomPioneers is a network of current and former telecom industry employees and their families who volunteer to address community needs. We represent our companies and the industry s commitment to responsible corporate citizenship. Basic Needs and Human Services Denver CO
Television Academy FoundationEstablished over 50 years ago as the charitable arm of the Television Academy, the Television Academy Foundation is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of television while educating and inspiring those who will shape its future. Arts and Humanities
North Hollywood CA
Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer Louisa M. McGregor Ovarian Cancer FoundationTo promote awareness of the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, to enable early detection, and to help find the cure for this deadly disease. Civic and Public Benefit
Health and Sports
Brooklyn NY
Telluride Animal FoundationOur 100% volunteer, nonprofit Thrift Shop donates all proceeds to the Telluride Animal Foundation, supporting local and regional rescue organizations, spay/neuter clinics and animal awareness causes. Environment and Protection of Animals Telluride CO
Telluride Mountain School IncTelluride Mountain School delivers a program of challenging academics that promotes critical thinking, aesthetic expression and ethical behavior, while encompassing a commitment to community service, global citizenship and engagement with the natural environment. The school culture embraces independence, personal responsibility, compassion, curiosity and joy. Education Telluride CO
Temo FoundationTemo Foundation, together with Isla Urbana facilitates the widespread adoption of rainwater harvesting in Mexico City, a sustainable solution to the world’s water problems. International
Basic Needs and Human Services
Dallas TX
Tempered Steel, Inc.Tempered Steel is a 501(c)3 Public Charity that is educating the public on the stories behind the scars and wounds of war by uniting Wounded Warriors with the public through dialogue. To accomplish their goals, Tempered Steel sends its severely wounded military members from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to speak to schools, community groups and corporations about their very personal stories of injury and recovery. Education Atchison KS
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