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Thankful PawsThankful Paws is a mobile food bank for pets providing pet food and supplies to low income elderly people, so they can keep their pet(s) and not have to chose between food for themselves or their pet. Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Rosedale MD
Thao Nguyen Foundation Inc.Our Mission is to promote awareness of mental illness by advancing educational attainment and research success in discovering new treatment options for mental illness. Education
Health and Sports
Ellicott City MD
That Others May Live FoundationThat Others May Live Foundation is a Guidestar Exchange Gold Level Participant and Best in America 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization established in 2002. The Foundation provides critical support, scholarships, and immediate tragedy assistance for the families of United States Air Force Rescue Heroes who are killed or severely wounded in operational or training missions. The Foundation is not endorsed by the USAF and receives no federal funding. Donations to the foundation are tax deductible. Basic Needs and Human Services
Schertz TX
Thayer Field Foundation, Inc.Dedicated to developing a 22-acre multi-recreational campus for all generations in the heart of Lancaster, MA. Health and Sports
Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
Lancaster MA
The 100th Monkey Foundation LLCWe raise money for worthy causes in the Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Montclair area of NJ. We realize the power of music to soothe and inspire the soul, to create and nurture communities built on peace, love and understanding, and to bring help to those in need both spiritually and financially. The 100th Monkey Foundation LLC is modeled after the Rex Foundation, created by the Grateful Dead and Family, and is dedicated to providing philanthropic grassroots support. You can make your donation at Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Bloomfield NJ
The 14th Factory Foundation14th Factory Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the creation of large scale, meaningful art experiences with an emphasis on social responsibility. Bridging the gap between art and people, the foundation aims to promote the importance of collaboration, empathy and giving back through creative collective initiatives. Arts and Humanities New York NY
The 24 GroupThe 24 Group is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization based in Indianapolis. We seek to inform and educate on the topic of addiction and recovery via our website and Facebook page, as well as through community events and involvement around Central Indiana. Our fundraising efforts provide grants to local addiction treatment and recovery support providers to help adolescents and young adults with limited financial resources achieve sobriety and sustain their early recovery efforts. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Civic and Public Benefit
Indianapolis IN
The 3G Project, Inc.The 3G Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the social, emotional and future needs of foster, adopted and vulnerable youth in the South Florida area. We help these youth our programs, Camp 3G, retreat organized for foster care youth, and 3G Celebrations, a series of community events celebrating holidays and special occasions. The 3G Project is an all-volunteer organization and 100% of every dollar received goes straight to creating remarkable experiences and programs Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Cooper City FL
The 5:14 InitiativeWe are efficiency hunters. We look to serve the refugee and orphan care communities by filling in gaps of coverage and services that large agencies cannot or fail to meet. We rely on community donations and give 100% of monies generated through these platforms to serve those with little hope. We serve refugees and orphans through providing practical needs as they arise: food, job creation, driving lessons, education, clothing, ESL and we are excellent networkers to maximize services to our clients. Basic Needs and Human Services
Greensboro NC
The A21 Campaign, IncThe A21 Campaign is engaged in abolishing injustice, in particular human trafficking, through Prevention, Prosecution, Protection and Partnerships. Prevention initiatives inform the next generation to save them from becoming victims. Prosecution and lobbying for change in legislation will see traffickers brought to justice. Protection of those who have been trafficked is through our Crisis Shelters and Transition Programs. We achieve all this through Partnerships with government and other agencies. Basic Needs and Human Services
Newport Beach CA
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