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Disability Partnership ProjectDisability Partnership Project is a community-based 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks to provide support with the social, health and economic issues that are often faced by persons living with paralysis and/or a physical disability. Founded in 2015, Disability Partnerships collaborates across various partner sectors to achieve goals in three specific program areas: education, physical health and wellness and housing. Civic and Public Benefit
Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
Rockville MD
Disability Rights and Resources CenterThe DRRC will see to help any person with any disability achieve and maintain a life of independence. This includes but not limited to structural changes, peer counseling, transitions and independent living skills. All ages, races, creeds; all disabilities no matter how big or small. Basic Needs and Human Services Rocky Mount VA
Disabled American Veterans Chapter 33 Chilton CountyWe are dedicated to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. We accomplish this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them; fighting for the interests of America?s injured heroes on Capitol Hill; and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life Basic Needs and Human Services Clanton AL
Disabled Veterans Wish Foundation INDVWF/IN is 501c3 nonprofit set up like a wish organization for children; DVWF/IN gives wishes to Disabled and Terminally Ill Veterans to show them gratitude for their service in protecting our freedom. Since 2010 we have gave 43 wishes, visit our website to see some of the wishes we gave. . Some of the wishes we gave are; a trip to Chicago Cubs baseball game, a fishing boat, golf carts and a trip to Oklahoma to see siblings. "A Wish Does Make a Difference" Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
Mitchell IN
Disaster Accountability ProjectStarted after Hurricane Katrina, the nonprofit Disaster Accountability Project saves lives and reduces suffering after disasters by maximizing the impact of preparedness, response and relief through citizen oversight and engagement, policy research and advocacy, and public education. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Rockville MD
Disciples of Restoration CorpWe immerse ourselves in the community with the homeless population. We find their needs and fill them. We link them to service and help find solutions to problems. We provide necessities such as food, clothing, toiletries, shoes, socks, etc. We give smiles, kind words, warm hugs, and time. On average we are meeting 50 people a few times each week. We are looking to increase of funds to be able to meet the needs of more people, more frequently! Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Boynton Beach FL
Discipleship FocusMaking Christ-like Disciples of Young Adults Matthew 28:19-20 Who Know What God Says by clearly teaching biblical principles about our relationship with Him 2 Timothy 2:15 Who Desire To Trust God In Everything by emphasizing His sovereignty, promise of provision, and love for them Religious Pigeon Forge TN
Disco's Dogs, Inc.Disco?s Dogs mission is to aid families with children challenged by Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, mood/anxiety disorders, learning disorders, grief, and for those undergoing intensive medical interventions. In addition to helping families raise funds for a dog, we provide companion dogs to families without a years-long wait list. Basic Needs and Human Services
Environment and Protection of Animals
Health and Sports
Centennial CO
Discover Tennessee, Inc. dba Tails of the TrailTails of the Trail is dedicated to educating the communities we serve on the plight of shelter dogs. Our tag line is "humans hiking homeless hounds," and by walking shelter dogs as a group, our goals are to reduce kennel related stress and anxiety, improve a shelter dog's behavior and health, thus increasing fosters and adoptions. Environment and Protection of Animals
Civic and Public Benefit
Nashville TN
Discovery ArtsDiscovery Arts delivers the healing power of the arts to children hospitalized with cancer and other life threatening illness. Through our unique Arts Adventures Program, Discovery Arts provides positive, creative, fun experiences that help meet the emotional needs of these critically ill children. Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Orange CA
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