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Dead Dogs Walking Tennessee, Inc.We are a group of volunteers dedicated to reducing the euthanasia rate at our local kill shelter. We are advocates of spay/neuter laws in our state and region. Environment and Protection of Animals Greeneville TN
Deaf Abused Women's Network- DAWNDAWN is a Deaf non-profit organization. We are advocates, domestic violence/sexual assault survivors, volunteers and leaders who share a common language, American Sign Language, and strive to end the cycle of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault among Deaf, hard-of-hearing and Deaf/blind residents of the Washington, D.C. metro area. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Washington DC
Deaf CanTo provide services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities by identifying and responding to unmet needs. Deaf Community Advocacy Network will respond by facilitating access by Deaf and Hard of Hearing people through existing programs, and by developing necessary services that are not currently available in the community. The agency will also provide education about hearing impairments to the community. Basic Needs and Human Services Sylvan Lake MI
Deaf Children's Literacy ProjectDeaf Children's Literacy Project champions effective communication, language development and literacy through the use of Cued Speech. Although developed for the Deaf, Cued Speech is proving to aid children with other pervasive communicative disorders, such as Autism and Down Syndrome. Education Brooklyn NY
Deaf Community Services of San Diego, Inc.The mission of Deaf Community Services is to enrich the lives of people by providing services, education and advocacy that promote independence, opportunity, accessibility, and diversity. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
San Diego CA
Deaf Counseling Advocacy & Referral Agency (DCARA)DCARA, the nation's oldest agency "of, by, and for" the deaf, promotes self-determination, independence, and celebration of American Sign Language among a diverse Deaf community. DCARA provides education, advocacy, employment and communication access assistance, independent living skills, information & referral services, and counseling to deaf, deafened, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing people and our hearing family members and friends, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and northern coastal California. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
San Leandro CA
Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. (DILA)Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. (DILA) promotes access to services and resources for residents of the Eastern Shore who are deaf or hard of hearing and provides opportunities for full participation in all aspects of life in the community. Basic Needs and Human Services Salisbury MD
Deaf Initiatives, Inc.Provide initiatives that strengthen the potential of youth who are deaf or hard of hearing and offer support and resources for the youth and their families. Education Columbus OH
Deaf Missions International, Inc.Providing deaf children and deaf adults access to information through Television Productions, Research & Development of Specialized Education Material, Camps, Missionary and National Leadership Training, and Deaf Awareness Engagements. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Clearwater FL
Deaf Prison Ministries NetworkDeaf Prison Ministries Network is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is organized to meet the needs of the Deaf who are directly or indirectly affected by crime, including organizations in the restorative process, according to Christian principles. Basic Needs and Human Services
Willis TX
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