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Lancaster Mennonite SchoolLancaster Mennonite School - Centered in Christ, Transforming Lives, Changing our World Lancaster Mennonite School offers a Pre-K - 12 comprehensive education in a nurturing and diverse environment that prepares students to be lifelong learners. Centered in Christ and committed to educational excellence in a community setting, the school exists to transform students so they can change our world through Christlike love, peacemaking, and service. Education
Lancaster PA
Lancaster Public LibraryTo be the leading community resource for culture and life-long learning. Civic and Public Benefit Lancaster PA
Lancaster Symphony OrchestraThe core purpose of the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra is to enrich, entertain and educate the South Central Pennsylvania Community through unique live musical performances and to provide community engagement opportunities for students of all ages. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Lancaster PA
Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust, Inc.The Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust provides legal support, fiscal sponsorship and technical assistance to help preserve open spaces, farm land, historic places and architecture, natural resources, and to promote sustainability and smart-growth ideals that foster these land conservation values. We work closely with land trusts, other stewardship organizations, and on our own initiative so that we can act quickly when other resources are not available to pursue these ideals. Environment and Protection of Animals Framingham MA
Land of Lincoln Goodwill IndustriesWe empower people with special needs to become self-sufficient through the power of work. Basic Needs and Human Services Springfield IL
Land Trust of Napa CountyPreserving the character of Napa County by permanently protecting land. We partner with the community to preserve the places people cherish most. Environment and Protection of Animals Napa CA
Landan's LegOcyHelping children and their families on their journey through and beyond childhood cancer. Raising awareness through friendship, fellowship, and fundraising. Caring for the needs of few by the generosity of many to make a special day for all. Basic Needs and Human Services Springfield MO
Lander Pet ConnectionAs a no-kill, shelter-less organization, Lander Pet Connection strives to help provide shelter and care to homeless dogs and cats through participation with local vets; to place animals into loving adoptive homes; to conduct programs to enhance the human/animal bond; to reduce pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering; and, hopes to build a shelter/adoption center for companion animals in the near future. Environment and Protection of Animals Lander WY
Landmark Training Development CompanyTo provide targeted economic opportunities for at risk youth with job skills training. Basic Needs and Human Services Memphis TN
Landmine Relief FundTo support the work of Cambodian Self Help Demining, the Cambodian Landmine Museum, and other projects sponsored by their founder, Aki Ra. This work includes but is not limited to clearing landmines in low priority villages throughout Cambodia and caring for children impacted by the aftermath of war, poverty and disease. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Palm Springs CA
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