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Let Kids Be Kids Inc.At Let Kids Be Kids Inc. we advocate for those that are poor, homeless, sick, displaced or looking for assistance with making their lives slightly better. We also add our voice for those that cannot speak, those in the animal kingdom, that are at risk due to environmental challenges etc. We help secure housing for the homeless, financial aide for those on the margins, food/meal food preparation, job training, HIV/AIDS/STDs classroom education, prison support, write articles on related topics... Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Environment and Protection of Animals
Seattle WA
Let the Children Come MinistryConnecting with youth in the United States and Africa while creating a loving environment, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the guidance of the Holy Scriptures and the love of Jesus Christ. Providing for basic needs while sharing in fun and festivities, so that both children and their families may be drawn into the body of Christ, with God's direction. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Lakeville MN
Let's Innovate through EducationLet's Innovate through Education (LITE) equips low-income high schools with the real world skills they need to succeed and empowers students to launch social impact ideas using these skills to better their communities. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Memphis TN
Let's Kick ASS?AIDS Survivor SyndromeLet?s Kick ASS is a grassroots movement of long-term survivors, positive and negative, honoring the unique and profound experience of living through the AIDS epidemic. We?re dedicated to reclaiming our lives, ending isolation, and envisioning a future we never dreamed of. We serve older individuals aging with HIV. Health and Sports San Francisco CA
Leuk's Landing Inc.Leuk's Landing is a permanent home for kitties with feline leukemia (FeLV). Our cats come from the Midwest but we do accept from anywhere in the US and Canada. Environment and Protection of Animals Ann Arbor MI
Levi YItzchak Family CenterLevi Yitzchak Family Center was established in November 2010 to honor the memory of 9-year-old Levi Yitzchak Wolowik whose sudden passing affected the whole community.A comprehensive library, media & educational center, our mission is to preserve & share knowledge & understanding about historical & modern-day Judaism, its art, literature, traditions & heritage. Our goal is to imbue children, teens & adults with a love of reading & writing. Civic and Public Benefit
Woodmere NY
Levite AlmsWe are seeking to provide aid and outreach to needy people of all walks of life, predominantly unemployed, underemployed, homeless individuals, and poverty stricken neighborhoods; we will encompass all ethnic groups without discrimination or bias. We will accept to help all individuals of any age, race, creed, religion, color, or disability. It is more difficult for certain individuals to access services such as, the elderly, disabled, and illiterate homeless people that need not-for-profit organizations. Basic Needs and Human Services Brooklyn NY
Lewisboro LibraryThe Lewisboro Library is a public library and community resource for the Town of Lewisboro, New York. Education
Arts and Humanities
Lexi's LAMB FoundationWe work with staff at local hospitals to help meet the needs of the children and their families. Provide items and support that will help bring a sense of comfort and normalcy to them. Items provided range from craft supplies and toys for the kids to meals for the parents while they are with their child in the hospital. Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Wichita KS
Lexington Rescue MissionFounded in 2001, Lexington Rescue Mission exists to glorify God through a Christ-centered ministry that meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of hurting people in the greater Lexington area. Our goal is to restore hope and rebuild broken lives. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive care to those in need, including food, clothing, emergency financial assistance, a health clinic, employment training and staffing, transitional housing, pastoral counseling, and case management. Basic Needs and Human Services
Lexington KY
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