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DAWGDAWG is a non-profit No- kill dog shelter that provides a safe and loving environment for dogs awaiting permanent adoption, and promotes their adoption through outreach programs in the Santa Barbara community. Our primary goal is to reduce the rate of euthanasia in the county shelters by providing the medical care and training many dogs need for a second chance at life. We provide medical care, vaccinations, spay, neuter and food. DAWG is a primarily volunteer-run organization. Environment and Protection of Animals Santa Barbara CA
Dawg SquadThe Dawg Squad is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation. This all-volunteer organization is dedicated to improving the welfare of canines, with an emphasis on the homeless, abandoned and abused dogs of the City of Los Angeles, California. We rescue dogs from the streets, situations of abuse and neglect and from the city’s high-kill animal shelters. We provide medical attention, training, rehabilitation and foster homes until permanent adoptive homes are found. Environment and Protection of Animals Los Angeles CA
Dawn FarmDawn Farm will help addicts and alcoholics achieve long term recovery by identifing and removing barriers that prevent them from joining the recovering community. Basic Needs and Human Services Ypsilanti MI
Dawson County Humane SocietyOur mission is to provide shelter and basic needs to Dawson County's homeless dogs and cats. Environment and Protection of Animals Dawsonville GA
Day Care Association of Montgomery County, Inc. dba Montgomery Early Learning CentersTo develop, provide and advocate for high quality learning and school age programs for all children. Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
Narberth PA
Day Dreams FarmDedicated to preventing horse neglect and promoting owner responsibility. Environment and Protection of Animals Cottrellville Twp. MI
Day OneDay One works to dramatically reduce substance abuse among Maine youth to help them live productive, health and rewarding lives. Basic Needs and Human Services Cape Elizabeth ME
Day Seven MinistriesFaith-based counseling for relational, marital and sexual disorders. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Lancaster PA
Daybreak ChurchDaybreak Church exists to fulfill the great commission by reaching our community with the love of Jesus, helping people mend from sin and brokenness, providing a place for people to grow in their relationship with God and others and releasing people to serve God and fulfill His purpose for their lives. Religious Carlsbad CA
Dayemi TariqatWe believe that a vision for society is required which synthesizes spiritual and social values and integrates all aspects of individual and collective life. It is time to create a sustainable, self-reliant spiritual/socio/economic system that embraces all of life. Basic Needs and Human Services Carbondale IL
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