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Calvary Chapel Vail ValleyOur church is about loving Jesus Christ and all those He brings into our path with His love. We believe in teaching the inerrant Word of God in it's entirety with passion and honesty. It is also our great joy to be able to pray with you. It is our vision to be radically effective in our community. Religious Avon CO
Calvary Chrisitan CenterIt is our desire to provide an atmosphere of Worship and Praise to Almighty God, to encourage spiritual growth and maturity in the believer, and to reach the lost through evangelism and missions. CCC is a multicultural church where people of all ethnicities and cultures are welcome to express their love and devotion to Christ. We as a community of believers seek to be led by the Spirit in all areas of life and ministry. Religious Louisville KY
Calvary Community ChurchCalvary Community Church is affiliated with the Baptist General Conference, now known as Converge Worldwide, Religious Saint Cloud MN
Calvary Community Church of Conejo Valley, Inc.At Calvary Community, our vision is to be people who live and love like Jesus. We also work to address the spiritual, educational, physical, and emotional needs of underprivileged children worldwide by sharing the love of Christ in practical ways. Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Westlake Village CA
Calvary House Military SupportThe mission of Calvary House is to provide support to formerly deployed military men and women as they re-enter the community, as well as the families of deployed and returning soldiers. We will work within the community to contribute, facilitate, and promote awareness of the needs of our men and women in the armed services to the enrichment of all; and to provide high-quality, compassionate and comprehensive services to as many military personnel and their families as possible. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Royal Oak MI
Calvary International Christian MinistriesCalvary ICM brings hope to orphans in Nepal. We provide food, shelter, education and love. Basic Needs and Human Services
Sacramento CA
Calvary Lutheran ChurchEngaging People in Christ Connecting~ Learning~ Caring~ Serving Religious Indianapolis IN
Calvary on AimwellIt is the goal of this body of believers to follow the Biblical example of what the church is. We attempt to offer, from the purest sense of the word, ministry that is relevant to the times in which we live. The Bible is our "ministry manual". Pastor Green often says we are not Christians because we attend church but because we've accepted Christ as our Savior and for that reason our Christianity is practiced not only at church but also more significantly in the world. Religious Vidalia GA
Calvary Reformed Church Cleveland OHCalvary Reformed Church exists to make new and better disciples of Jesus Christ, especially in Cleveland's Detroit-SHoreway neighborhood. New and better Disciples will bear fruit in their families and in our community. The fruit they bear will glorify Jesus and bless the city. Religious Cleveland OH
Calvary Road MinistriesWe proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ primarily in third world countries. We disciple those reached into the Exchanged Life We plant churches in those areas Religious Knoxville TN
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