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Abilities Network, Inc.The mission of Abilities Network is to provide customized services to children, adults and families of differing abilities that focus on one-on-one supports to foster broadened, more inclusive communities through education, training and advocacy. Abilities Network/EFCR helps to create a personal path to independence by seeing abilities, not disabilities. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Towson MD
Abilities Unlimited of Jonesboro, Inc.Abilities Unlimited is a non-profit company providing job opportunities, rehabilitation and independent living skills services for people with physical and developmental disabilities. Abilities Unlimited's mission: To improve the living and working conditions and opportunities of people with disabilities. Basic Needs and Human Services Jonesboro AR
AbilitreeAbilitree empowers people with disabilities to grow their independence, productivity and inclusion in community life. Basic Needs and Human Services Bend OR
Ability Connection ColoradoTo support Coloradans through innovative and comprehensive Early Education, Employment and Family Support programs. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Denver CO
Ability FoundAbility Found’s mission is to bring people, equipment and expertise together to empower all individuals who are disabled. We change lives, give freedom and make miracles possible. We work with local professional service providers and medical equipment vendors to donate medical and rehabilitation equipment free of charge to individuals who cannot obtain it elsewhere. Basic Needs and Human Services Salt Lake City UT
AbilityFirst-Established in 1926 as the Crippled Children's Society of Southern CaliforniaAbilityFirst provides programs and services to help children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities realize their full potential throughout their lives. Basic Needs and Human Services Pasadena CA
AbilityPLUS Inc.To offer increased access to athletic and recreational opportunities for persons with physical and/or cognitive disabilities that will create freedom, promote independence, support inclusion and help those individuals and their families discover their full social, mental and athletic potential. Health and Sports Manchester NH
Able ForcesThe MISSION of Able Forces is to provide career-oriented employment exclusively for Wounded, Ill, and Injured warriors living with physical disabilities, Post Traumatic Stress, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Basic Needs and Human Services Front Royal VA
Aboite Christian SchoolAboite Christian School, in cooperation with home and church, encourages high academic achievement stimulating the mind, body and spirit within a Biblically-based Christ-centered environment Education Roanoke IN
Abolition InternationalProviding hope and freedom for survivors of sex slavery. Basic Needs and Human Services Nashville TN
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