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ABC Basset Hound RescueA non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless basset hounds in New York State. Environment and Protection of Animals Cheektowaga NY
Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation, Inc.Promoting excellence in education by forging a partnership between the schools, community and alumni. Education Aberdeen SD
Abide MinistriesEncouraging the love of God and others through conversations and experiences that nurture a persons heart, soul, mind and strength. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Rochester MI
Abigail AllianceTo help cancer patients and others with life threatening illnesses. To educate the public on the need to have more expanded access and compassionate use programs (earlier access) for developmental cancer drugs and other developmental drugs for other life-threatening illness for patients that have run out of conventional treatment options. Help cancer patients who have exhausted conventional treatments for their cancer find clinical trials, expanded access programs and find compassionate use programs. Civic and Public Benefit Arlington VA
Abilene Arts AllianceThe mission of the Abilene Arts Alliance is to strengthen the area's cultural life through strategic investment in its cultural resources; to be an advocate for cultural organizations, activities, and initiatives throughout the community; and ensure the cultural development of young people. Arts and Humanities Abilene TX
Abilene Preservation LeagueThe Abilene Preservation League is dedicated to restoring and maintaining our communities? historic buildings. We are using Ebay to raise funds for our organization so that we may continue to maintain the history of our town. For further information about us, please visit our website at Civic and Public Benefit Abilene TX
Abilities Center of Southern New Jerseyhe Abilities Center of Southern New Jersey is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to developing employment opportunities for people with disabilities or other disadvantages through education, training and job placement. Basic Needs and Human Services Westville NJ
Abilities Network, Inc.The mission of Abilities Network is to provide customized services to children, adults and families of differing abilities that focus on one-on-one supports to foster broadened, more inclusive communities through education, training and advocacy. Abilities Network/EFCR helps to create a personal path to independence by seeing abilities, not disabilities. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Towson MD
Abilities Unlimited of Jonesboro, Inc.Abilities Unlimited is a non-profit company providing job opportunities, rehabilitation and independent living skills services for people with physical and developmental disabilities. Abilities Unlimited's mission: To improve the living and working conditions and opportunities of people with disabilities. Basic Needs and Human Services Jonesboro AR
AbilitreeAbilitree empowers people with disabilities to grow their independence, productivity and inclusion in community life. Basic Needs and Human Services Bend OR
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