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Tarrant Area Food BankTarrant Area Food Bank, a private, non-profit clearinghouse for donated food, distributes groceries to a network of 350 hunger relieft agencies. Basic Needs and Human Services Fort Worth TX
TARZANA TREATMENT CENTER, INCTTC’s mission is to address a wide range of the community’s health care and social service needs with responsive alcohol and other drug treatment; HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and education; mental health treatment and education; primary outpatient and medical care; and other areas of healthcare services meeting community needs. Civic and Public Benefit
Health and Sports
Tassajara Hills FoundationOur foundation exists for one purpose only: To raise money to fund academic programs within all grades of our school, and to give each and every student state-of-the-art tools to excel. Tassajara Hills Foundation works directly with parents, teachers and administration to best achieve these goals. Education Danville CA
Taste Of Peace Sober Living CorpTaste of Peace Sober Living is a 501(c)(3) organization, that maintains a warm and supportive home for women in recovery where they learn life skills, personal responsibility and the habits of long-term, healthy living. Residents benefit from being part of a culture of wellness, surrounded by a community of people who share similar goals. With the help of support staff and peers, residents are given a balance of structure, support and increasing freedom to assist in living their lives to the fullest. Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
Tucson AZ
Taste of the SouthTaste of the South is a committed and focused committee of 44 southerners who make it their annual duty to share a taste of the south with Washington, DC and give something back to states they will always call home.To date, Taste of the South has donated over $4 million to charities across the south and in Washington, D.C. Civic and Public Benefit WASHINGTON DC
TAT FoundationTo provide a forum for philosophical and spiritual inquiry that leads to greater self knowledge. In knowing the self, the restless mind is calmed and that peace spreads to the world. Education Frederick MD
Tatamy Fire CompanyAN all volunteer organization dedicated to providing fire prevention, fire protection, rescue, disaster assistance, and public works for the good of our community and suronding neighbors. Civic and Public Benefit Tatamy PA
Tate House MuseumThe mission of Tate House Museum is to connect people to our colonial roots and to help them to discover, imagine, and value the relevance of this history to our lives. Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
Portland ME
Tater Patch PlayersWe will promote and foster drama, live theater, and the performing arts in Pickens County. We will entertain and enrich our audiences. We will promote a creative environment where all participants will be needed, involved, informed, responsible, and accountable. All participants will share in shaping their growth and the future of Tater Patch Players. Arts and Humanities Jasper GA
Tatra Mountains Cultural FoundationThis corporation is organized to preserve and promote the traditional Tatra Mountain culture in the United States, Poland, and worldwide; Fund cultural archives, museums, and historical monuments; Support cultural and educational exchanges between the Tatra Mountain countries and the United States; Foster the sustainable development of the Tatra Mountains and all objectives of the international treaty, the Carpathian Convention. Arts and Humanities Summit IL
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