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Vermont Youth AdventuresVT Youth Adventures will provide outdoor leadership and adventure experiences to youth 5-15 years of age in the southern Vermont and New Hampshire area. Utilizing adventure and challenge as underlying themes, youth will learn valuable life skills grounded in a tradition of promoting healthy lifestyles, academic success and providing meaningful, tailored, and enticing adventure experiences. Education Windsor VT
Vermont Youth Orchestra AssociationThe Vermont Youth Orchestra Association is dedicated to providing young musicians with superior educational and performance experiences in orchestral and choral music. Arts and Humanities Colchester VT
Verndale Public SchoolMISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Verndale Public School District is to develop critical thinkers through educational excellence. DISTRICT GOALS Student Achievement School District Budget Manage a 5-year Facility Plan Retain high-performing staff members Education Verndale MN
Veronica's VoiceOur mission is to end commercial sexual exploitation in the United States. Basic Needs and Human Services Kansas City KS
Versailles Montessori School IncThe mission of Versailles Montessori School is: ~To provide a carefully planned educational environment based on Dr. Maria Montessori's educational principles. ~To create peace through education ? one child at a time. Versailles Montessori School actively seeks a wide variety of staff and children in order to share the rich resources we all have to offer. Education Versailles KY
Versatility in PoodlesVIP is a non-profit 501c-3 organization devoted to Poodles. Its primary purpose is to improve the health and promote the many talents of this remarkable breed. VIP members come from a variety of lifestyles and countries. What we share is our dedication to the well-being of the Poodle. Education
Environment and Protection of Animals
Dublin CA
Vessel Work"It is our mission to educate the disadvantaged and youth through positive, informative video productions focused on their health, community and quality of life." Education
Arts and Humanities
Health and Sports
Cleveland OH
Vest 'N P.D.P. (Police Dog Protection),inc.Provide bullet and stab proof vests to police dogs through out the United States. Environment and Protection of Animals Socorro NM
Vesterheim Norwegian-American MuseumVesterheim embodies the living heritage of Norwegian immigrants to America. Sharing this cultural legacy can inspire people of all backgrounds to celebrate tradition. Arts and Humanities
Decorah IA
Veteran Housing CorpVeteran Housing Corp's mission is to provide decent affordable housing for America's veterans and their families, especially those who have suffered service connected disabilities and injuries. Basic Needs and Human Services Miami FL
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