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147 nonprofits found for "V".

Nonprofit Nonprofit Type City State About My Nonprofit
Viridis InstituteViridis Graduate Institute brings together the most applicable ideas and foundations from Ecology, Biology, Mythology, and Archetypal Psychology to develop the knowledge and psychological capacities necessary to navigate a changing ecological world. Environment and Protection of Animals
Arts and Humanities
Ojai CA
Virtu Foundation, Inc.We provide quality violin, viola and cello instruments, through Scholarships, for talented young musicians whose careers would benefit from having access to an instrument better then they can afford. We serve as a conduit, connecting instrument donors to talented artists across the country. Arts and Humanities Charlottesville VA
Virtuous Woman ASAPTo honor God by teaching females of all ages how to build or rebuild a life-changing foundation of personal value. We do this by first teaching them who they are in Christ. Then, we teach them how to discover their strengths and passions. Next, we teach them how to understand their life path in leveraging the marriage of these. If they need emotional or financial help along the way, we seek to provide this directly or get them plugged to other places that can do so! Basic Needs and Human Services
Des Moines IA
Visalia Rescue MissionThe Visalia Rescue Mission has been providing proven hope and restoration through Jesus Christ to men and women in our community since 1981. We operate a community kitchen, overnight shelters, an 8 month residential recovery program for men and women in need, as well as after care. Basic Needs and Human Services
Visalia CA
VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD OF AMERICA IncSEVA programs to help the social reconstruction render assistance in times of natural calamities or man made disasters and to help the needy irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion. Disbursed more than four million dollars in last 25 years. Support A Child Project: To support living expenses, education and character molding of orphan or needy children in India for a period of ten years. Currently we are supporting 800 children. Basic Needs and Human Services
voorhees NJ
Vision 434, Inc. / Give2GiveHopeWorking to help impoverished children in a rural village in Honduras receive food, clothing, medical care and education. We have installed over 500 clean water filters and provided over 3000 pairs of flip-flops. We are currently building a trade school to help educate teens and provide them employable skills for the future. International
Basic Needs and Human Services
West Branch MI
Vision Earth SocietyVision Earth Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to global ecological communications. Our effort is towards educating and informing the Earth's population about issues critical to planetary survival and growth. In addition, our organization is at the forefront of creating professional, educational, documentary-style videos focused on the superior health benefits derived from vegan and a raw, living plant-based diet. Health and Sports
Environment and Protection of Animals
Arts and Humanities
miami FL
Vision for HaitiVision for Haiti is a nonprofit organization with mission to provide and promote basic health care and education to the less fortunate in rural areas. VFH provides health care services to people living in rural Haiti .Over 500 people receive care each year from our all-volunteer team of medical professionals ,basic health care and immunizations. 2015 Vision for Haiti started a School Book program so far 620 students received 5600 textbooks. Education
Health and Sports
Spring Valley NY
Vision for Independence CenterVision for Independence Center is a nonprofit low vision clinic and store serving people whose vision remains impaired even with prescription glasses and medical treatment. VIC offers a low vision clinic, which helps people make optimum use of their remaining sight. This is achieved by identifying the best adaptive devices for a patients' visual needs. Doctor recommended devices are available in our store. Such devices range from lighted magnifiers, glare shields, & lamps, to electronic video magnifiers. Health and Sports
Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Yakima WA
Vision Ministry, Inc.Vision Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit, Christian ministry providing 1) Retreats, camps, and conferences; 2) Community outreach events that engage our local community. 3) Encouragement for those in ministry in the local church and parachurch organizations. The mission of Vision Ministry, Inc. is to provide a year-round ministry and outreach facility that promotes Christian values through training, relaxation, fellowship, and encouragement. Religious
Basic Needs and Human Services
Huntsville AL
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