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Unite with In Motion, Inc.We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide children from underserved communities with an opportunity to be creative, confident and inspired! Our method of accomplishing this goal is to bring performing arts programs to these children at no cost to their families. In Motion not only wants to impact children; we also want to engage their families in what we provide. To this end, we hold our programs in partnership with underserved schools in the New York Area. Arts and Humanities
New York NY
unite4:goodunite4:good is a revolutionary global movement that will establish a new standard whereby acts of kindness and service become so idolized that everyone chooses to make them a part of their daily life. Through empowering action, creating new programs and uniting individuals and organizations in innovative ways, we will provoke positive and lasting change on a global scale. unite4:good will encourage everyone to inspire, empower, share and love. Basic Needs and Human Services Wheeling IL
United Animal CoalitionThe Guilford County Animal Shelter is operated by a non-profit organization called the United Animal Coalition. The UAC has operated the Guilford County Animal Shelter since 1998. The UAC is a professional, caring organization devoted to saving the lives of lost, abandoned & surrendered animals of Guilford County N.C. We strive to humanely care for all the animals & work diligently to return lost animals to their owners. We are committed to making every adoption a positive, permanent experience. Civic and Public Benefit
Environment and Protection of Animals
Greensboro NC
United Animal FriendsThe mission of United Animal Friends is to provide for the well-being of animals. Our goals are to expand spay/neuter, foster/adoption, and rescue programs in partnership with the community and other agencies. UAF is solution driven to raise awareness and encourage compassionate treatment of animals. Environment and Protection of Animals Prescott AZ
United Brachial Plexus Network, Inc.Informing, supporting and uniting families and those concerned with brachial plexus injuries and their prevention worldwide. Health and Sports Kent OH
United Breast Cancer FoundationUBCF's mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer. UBCF provides grants to hospitals and community health centers to benefit patients and families copying with breast cancer. We aid in providing screening, treatment, after-care, educational material, patient/family assistance and information. We strive to alleviate stress and strain that cancer causes Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Huntington Station NY
United Cerebral PalsyThe mission of United Cerebral Palsy is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities through an affiliate network. Civic and Public Benefit
Basic Needs and Human Services
Washington DC
United Cerebral Palsy Association of HawaiiUnited Cerebral Palsy Association (UCPA) of Hawaii is a non-profit, volunteer health organization. Its focus is to positively affect the quality of life for children and adults with cerebral palsy or other severe disabilities with similar service needs. Basic Needs and Human Services Honolulu HI
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc.The mission of United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc. (ucpn), is to, (a) affect positively the quality of life of persons with cerebral palsy or any developmental disability and their family and (b) prevent cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities and minimize their effects. We meet the Better Business Bureau's standards for Charitable Accountability and 90 cents of every dollar raised goes to support our programs! Basic Needs and Human Services Roosevelt NY
United Cerebral Palsy of Central MinnesotaThe mission of United Cerebral Palsy of Central MN is to enrich the quality of life for persons with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Basic Needs and Human Services St. Cloud MN
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