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Jefferson County Coalition on Substance Abuse, Inc. (FOCUS)The mission of FOCUS is to participate in the promotion of a safe, healthy, and drug-free community. Based in Jefferson County, WV, we offer educational, art-based, recreational, and club-oriented prevention programs in area schools and to the community. Arts and Humanities
Health and Sports
Charles Town WV
Jefferson County Humane Society of FloridaWe are a local non-profit, no-kill animal shelter in Jefferson County, Florida. 100% of funds raised go to support the animals, providing shelter, food, medical support and love. All our volunteers are committed to helping the animals in our community by providing service to the public through education, various fund raising events, animal awareness programs, rescue and adoption programs. Environment and Protection of Animals Monticello FL
Jefferson County Radio Amateur Club, Inc.To provide amateur (ham) radio related educational programs to adults and youth; to promote international fellowship; to improve individual amateur radio operator skill level and to increase local and national community service through volunteerism. Education Watertown NY
Jefferson County SPCAThe SPCA of Jefferson County is committed to the humane treatment of animals through education, the prevention of cruelty, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership. Environment and Protection of Animals Watertown NY
Jefferson Outreach for Older People IncWe are a non-profit in San Antonio, Texas supported entirely by donations from chuches, individuals and foundations. No governmental funds are accepted. We have a small paid staff and many volunteers, who are church and community neighbors, dedicated to the betterment of the elderly and disabled through services that help them remain at home, rather than having to relocate to an institution. Basic Needs and Human Services San Antonio TX
Jefferson RecreationTo provide quality programs for children where participation, instruction, sportsmanship and teamwork are achieved in a safe and enjoyable environment. Education
Arts and Humanities
Health and Sports
Jefferson GA
Jefferson Street Christian ChurchWe are a Caring Community Journeying with Christ, Serving and Sharing Jesus from Neighbor to Nations Religious Lincoln IL
Jeffrey's Voice, Inc.To reach the day when no more are lost to Leukemia & blood cancers, when all remissions are permanent & when finally there is a cure. Jeffrey's Voice funds innovative and collaborative research that will lead to that day. Health and Sports Ponte Vedra Beach FL
JELD-WEN Tradition FoundationThe JELD-WEN Tradition Foundation raises funds for K-12 education programs primarily by conducting a Champions Tour golf tournament, the JELD-WEN Tradition. Education Portland OR
Jenesse Center, Inc.Our mission is to provide victims of domestic violence a comprehensive, centralized base of support and services that ensures their transition from immediate crisis, to stability and self-sufficiency. Jenesse Center, Inc. is more than just a shelter for survivors of domestic violence. We are a family institute with programs, services and outreach efforts that rebuild lives, reunite families and enrich our community. Jenesse removes barriers to peace for families. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Los Angeles CA
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