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Families for Depression AwarenessTo help families recognize and cope with depressive disorders in order to help people get well and prevent suicides. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Waltham MA
Families for Early Autism TreatmentFEAT is a non-profit organization of parents, family members, and treatment professionals dedicated to providing best outcome Education, Advocacy and Support for the Northern California Autism Community Civic and Public Benefit Sacramento CA
Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of WashingtonFEAT of Washington provides families with hope and guidance to help their children with autism reach their full potential. Basic Needs and Human Services Bellevue WA
Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Southern NevadaFEAT of Southern Nevada is a nonprofit organization founded by parents, for parents of children with autism. Our goal is to assist families who have chosen an early intervention program by providing a variety of resources and support. Basic Needs and Human Services Las Vegas NV
Families for HoPE, Inc.Families for HoPE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to address the needs of families and children diagnosed with holoprosencephaly (HPE) and related brain malformations. Its primary focus include parent-to-parent support, educational materials, and raising awareness about HPE. Civic and Public Benefit Indianapolis IN
Families For Stevenson Booster AssociationFFS enriches the education of our children by providing Art, Music, Dance and other specialty programs to Stevenson Elementary. Education Burbank CA
Families ForwardFamilies Forward is a non-profit agency dedicated to helping low income and homeless families in need. Families Forward addresses families needs at any point in their crisis by providing a broad spectrum of services, including: housing, counseling, food, education, case management, and life-skills training. Basic Needs and Human Services Irvine CA
Families Helping Families of IowaFamilies Helping Families of Iowa is dedicated to helping foster care children in our community by meeting the basic needs of children and youth who find themselves in crisis situations where they suddenly have no home, few possessions, and are uncertain of their future. All programs and services are designed to help them adjust socially and position them for academic and life success. Basic Needs and Human Services Cedar Rapids IA
Families of Children Under StressSupport groups, education, summer day and weekend camps, respite child care, hospital visitation, and activities for families who have children with disabilities/serious medical conditions. Basic Needs and Human Services Atlanta GA
Families of SMAFSMA is dedicated to eradicating SMA by promoting and supporting research, helping families cope through informational programs and support, and educating the public and the medical community about SMA. The organization, founded in 1984, has more than 32 chapters and affiliates worldwide and more than 5,000 member families. FSMA receives the majority of its funding through volunteer efforts, and continues to increase its funding commitments each year, expecting to reach the $50 million funded mark by 2008. International
Basic Needs and Human Services
Health and Sports
Libertyville IL
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