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Achieve Services, Inc.We are a program that serves adults with developmental disabilities in Minnesota. Our Mission Statement: We create innovative opportunities that inspire people with disabilities. Achieve will enable every participant to lead a meaningful and self-determined life. Arts and Humanities
Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Blaine MN
Achievement Center of Texas IncThe purpose of the Achievement Center of Texas is to provide daily care, functional living skills training, educational assistance, arts exploration, community inclusion, recreation and socialization opportunities for children and adults with special needs. Basic Needs and Human Services
Arts and Humanities
Garland TX
Achungo Community CenterTransforming the lives of orphans and destitute children in Kenya, providing care and education, giving them hope and a future, while nurturing integrity and responsibility. We now have over 300 children in our care getting food, medical, housing, clothing and education. Education
Basic Needs and Human Services
Mountain View CA
ACLU Fdn of Vermont, Inc.The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Vermont, Inc. is a charitable and educational organization whose mission is to defend and enhance the principles of freedom, justice, and equality of rights that are embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Vermont Constitution and to assure that these rights are preserved for each new generation through public education and litigation. Basic Needs and Human Services Montpelier VT
ACLU Foundation of Southern CaliforniaThe ACLU fights in the courts and legislatures to protect constitutional rights for everyone, including free speech, privacy, choice, church/state separation and much more. Basic Needs and Human Services
Civic and Public Benefit
Woodacre CA
ACLU of WashingtonHelp keep constitutional rights alive! Through community action, education and litigation, we work to advance liberty and justice for all -- because freedom doesn't protect itself. Civic and Public Benefit Seattle WA
ACOREACORE, a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization, is dedicated to building a secure and prosperous America with clean, renewable energy. ACORE provides a common educational platform for a wide range of interests in the renewable energy community, focusing on technology, finance, policy and market development. We convene thought leadership forums and create energy industry partnerships to communicate the economic, security and environmental benefits of renewable energy. Civic and Public Benefit Washington DC
Acres of Love IncSave Children. Creating Family. Our mission is to offer unconditional love, dignity, and FAMILY to children orphaned in South Africa. At Acres of Love, we seek to solve the complex problems experienced by infants and children without families. Forever Family Homes offer children, who were orphaned, families in individual homes, run by loving and committed full-time house parents and staff. We believe in community-based care and govern ourselves by the highest ethical standards. International
Basic Needs and Human Services
San Juan Capistrano CA
Acres of SmilesLocally, Acres of Smiles provides programs that enable individuals in underprivileged communities to obtain needed dental treatments. Globally, we work to open dental clinics, facilitate education programs, and empower local dentists in communities with oral healthcare needs. We work to move all communities toward oral healthcare independence. We offer some complimentary dental services, but believe that education and empowerment are the best long-term solutions for the oral healthcare crises. Education
Health and Sports
Basic Needs and Human Services
Waco TX
acrosanctACROSANCT exists to elevate American acrobatics to a world-class art form. Education
Civic and Public Benefit
Arts and Humanities
San Francisco CA
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